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  1. I thought about using Ebay, but I thought cars don't go for as much on Ebay?
  2. Why are you selling!? One main reason is I can't sell my other car. I originally had someone that wanted to purchase my BMW so I didn't trade it in, then of course they got turned down for the loan (that was there excuse). For the past 5 months I've been paying for two cars. I've had good luck with the Auto Trader in the past but I wasn't sure if a fairly expensive 2007 Lexus would sell in the Auto Trader.
  3. Where online is the best place to sell my IS 350? It's going to be hard to get rid of, it's an awesome car.
  4. I don't think I'll loose nearly that much. I looked at in my area and the lowest 2007 IS350 was $37900 w/4k miles, many were $40000 used. The 2006's ranged from $34900-$37900, many of these had over 15k miles.
  5. Thats correct, I said "No sales tax on private sales in GA." If you buy from a dealer they'll charge you tax. They don't even charge you when you register for your tag. The business you purchased from is responsible for charging you tax.
  6. No sales tax on private sales in GA. That's why I 'always' buy used cars. I would never have purchased the 2007 IS350 if I didn't get that discount; I told myself I wasn't pay sales tax because of the discount.
  7. I hate sales tax, this is why this IS350 is the first car I've ever purchased from a dealer; $2800 down the drain. I did get a 'family' discount of about $2899 off list. Most dealers in the Atlanta area aren't giving discounts off list so I figure I may list mine at about $1k off list and see what happens. No sales tax for the buyer so it would be a good deal???
  8. teacheri - How did you do when you sold the BMW? How much did you loose, or did you simply trade it in?
  9. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to sell it. I've always owned BMW's and really like European/German styling. When the IS came out it was a great car and I figured for the money I couldn't get a BMW that would match up. I bought my IS about a month before the new 335 came out, that car looks awesome. I usually don't make crazy decisions like this (buy a brand new car and sell it 3 months later); I'm not going to let myself loose too much money. I did get the car $2500 of list. I wonder how easy it would be to sell such a new car though???? I know that if a 'like new' was available back in Sept I w
  10. I'm thinking about selling my IS350. If the car has only 2-3k miles, should I ask the same price for the car that I paid for it?
  11. It seems low, it's 31 on all four corners. What's the recommended tire pressure?
  12. It happened again tonight, although it is 28 degrees down here in Macon GA tonight. I'm getting tired of that exclimation point lit up in my face while I'm driving though. I'm surprised other people aren't having this problem.
  13. My low tire pressure warning keeps coming on everytime I get in the car when the temp is below 30. It goes off after about 5-10 minutes of driving. I know that when your tires heat up the tire pressure rises but I sure hope this doesn't happen the entire winter, it's very annoying. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. When I have the headlights set to come on auto then turn the car off they automatically go off in about 30 seconds. The same happens when I turn the headlights to the on position because they sometimes don't automatically come on when I want them to. My question is, when I manually turn the headlights on, they turn the car off, the headlights automatically go off in about 30 seconds, just like when I have the headlights in the auto position, does this wear down the battery? If I want the headlights on all the time can I simply keep them turned to the on position with no problems?
  15. The 2007's also have the 'shark' fin on the back of the roof.
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