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  1. First of all, what year is your ES? Early model 92-93 equipped with hydraulic fan using power steering fluid and that fan hardly goes bad, make sure all connectors at the power steering pump is good, there is one ground connector that affect the fan operations. If your ES is between 92-93, the 3VZ engine is known to have head gasket issue... pay attention to your coolant level and motor oil condition. If head gasket is blown, coolant level will be always low and you need to fill up constantly and engine oil will become milky. Good luck.
  2. I am about to purchase a set of RAYS wheels but I know that the OEM pressure sensor will not fit these wheels. I am wondering if any one of you install aftermarket wheels without the pressure sensors? How do you deal with the low tire warning light? Did the light disappear after a while? Or you just drive the car with the light on? Thanks!
  3. That is not a new color, but nice pic man! Congrats on your new babe! Looks great!
  4. I checked the manual today, it looks like there is NO WAY to turn off the warning light if you don't use the sensors at all, and the sensors are designed to work with the OEM wheels only, it might not work properly if it is used on after market wheels with a different shape... Bad news for people who like aftermarket wheels... why would they design it such a inflexible way!!!!
  5. The PWR button doesn't only alter transmission shift points but also modify the pedal map of the ECU. For example, when you are applying 20% of the gas pedal, once the PWR button is pressed, ECU will switch to a different pedal map and thinking you are pressing 30%. You should notice the difference of the sensitivity of the pedal once the button is pressed.
  6. I saw the new color - Starfire Pearl yesterday.... it looks even brighter than the Crystal White... too bright for me, I will opt for Glacier Frost Mica then.
  7. People either install TPMS sensors in the new wheels or live with the light, as far as I know. Problem is, some of the nice wheels (like Volk and Rays) are not TPMS compatible... they use a different tube as a valve stem.... I don't want to drive a Lexus with any kind of warning lit on the dash all the time. So far, most of the wheels that I like are not TPMS compatible.... :cries:
  8. I don't know if anyone has seen this race car before, but I found it very attractive on a website. (Unfortunately, Lexus might not race it even though they have already built couple of them...)
  9. As far as I know, the OEM front lip is one-piece, not two, but it is replaceable but you don't need to remove the entire bumper to replace it, just replace nine bolts that are holding it. The only thing you can do to avoid the rubbing is to enter or get off the drive way in a steep angle as many other drivers do who have a lowered suspension. That's it....
  10. Looks like no one really wants to mess with the TPMS...
  11. Congratulations on your new job! Sounds like you are ready to get busy in TMMTX for the new truck soon... The regular leather is pretty nice! I really like the Lexus leather. Unlike the American or the European cars that their leather tend to be a bit harder, the Lexus leather is very soft. I mean, it feels like a high end Italian sofa! I don't think the perforated seats are that much difference besides the cooling and heating capabilities. Whatever you choose, you will not regret with Lexus leather. The only thing I am concerning is that regular seats don't come with heaters, so your buttom might not like it in the winter. :-) I think the Halogen is ok, but of course, you should get the HID, there are many aftermarket companies that make them. You should check on the forum, many people had already talked about it. My personal pick would be IS 350 w/: rear spoiler, HID, 18" wheels. X-package is not worth it, you don't even get a rear spoiler and the sport tuned suspension is stiff. I mean, it is not super stiff like the EVO but it is stiff by Lexus standard, you might not like it if you plan to keep the car for a while.
  12. I know! They should make a 8-speed manual, not auto...! I think they still want to test it out. I have a feeling that once the LF-S supercar is out, Lexus/Toyota will be more aggressive on performance.
  13. I am a fan of light color, I'll go for Starfire Pearl. I am glad they got a new "white" color, the Crystal White was too "white" before. I hope the new color looks cool. Glacier Frost Mica is a good choice too since they don't make too many of it. The paint changes color under the sun, very cool. I would pick either one of these colors. Dark color is very hard to keep, every ding every scratch every water spot will show up. Yeah, it looks very nice when it is brand new and sparkling clean, but when it gets dirty.... BTW, your saleman was not telling you the truth, there is not such thing as "they don't make that color with that package", he might just want to get rid of their inventory.
  14. [1] No, X-package is not the sport package. X-package includes: 1) Front lip 2) Sport-tuned suspension 3) Aluminum Pedals 4) Illuminated Scuff Plates 5) Special 5-spoke 18" wheels and tires Sport Package includes: 1) Power tilt-and-telescopic steering column 2) Lexus Memory System to control power driver's and front passenger seats (except lumbar), outside mirrors and steering wheel 3) Heated and ventilated front seats 4) Aluminum sport pedals 5) Aluminum doorsill scuff plates 6) Rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers with mist cycle 7) Electrochromic (auto-dimming) outside mirrors with auto tilt-down in reverse 8) Bi-xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps 9) Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) 10) Sport-tuned suspension 11) 18 x 8.0-in alloy wheels with 225/40YR18 tires front [3], 18 x 8.5-in alloy wheels with 255/40YR18 tires rear 12) Perforated leather-trimmed interior [2] They still offer the sport package. [3] There is a package include ML + NAVI. You can get Sport package (or X package) + ML/NAVI package. [4] You can do whatever you want, but seems like you regreted not getting the ML/NAVI in the first place...
  15. Congratulations! I think you are one of the first who own the IS w/ X-package in the U.S. So far, I don't see one in So. Cal. I just received the 07' Catalog, didn't know before that the X-package is offered in only 3 colors.... anyway, nice car! Hope you enjoy every second of it.