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  1. Guys, I need some help. Last weekend some dumb-!Removed! movers parked extremely close to my new IS; could only walk sideways between the vehicles. Short story is they put a paint chip on the rear pillar, drivers side, about half way between the roof and where the rear panel has it’s crease. It is about the length on the nail on my pinkie finger and maybe about a third of the width. My dealer’s body shop looked at it and put on some touch up paint, then clear coat, then water sanded it. It doesn’t feel too smooth and is still noticeable, enough too irritate me. They also noticed a very minor d
  2. I think RX got it right: you'd need someone to buy the car then sell it to you. The dealer is likely not allowed to sell to you. I read an atricle where people in Southern Ontario were going down to an Acura dealership in Buffalo. The dealer got his knuckles rapped by Acura HQ for this Even if you did get a new car in the US, as it is not a US-made vehicle you will still have to pay 6.2% duty plus the 7% GST plus whatever the BC provincial tax . Then, factor in the exchange rate of approx. 13%. At the end of the day, it should be about the same. You should get a much better deal if you bought
  3. I had the 3M bra put on and it's a great investment. I wouldn't get a leather bra. On a recent road trip, I got a couple of pinholes (on the #M stoneguard) on the rear/side view mirrors but no damage to the paint. Get a pro to do it. The front bumper on the IS is arted 5/5 on the difficulty scale to install. I think it took the guy 4-5 hours just for the front. I had the hood (18"), front bumper, front edge of fenders, rear/side view mirrors. door handles and the top edge on the rear bumper (good for avoiding scuff mark when lugging heavier stuff from the truck like my hockey bag). Total cost,
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