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  1. I am looking for rims, BLACK rims, for my 2006 Is 250 and I had a couple of questions. First, is it true that with after market rims I am going to have live with the low tire light? Second, Where is a good place to buy lexus rims? ( I honestly don't know much about rims, Just want a nice pair of good quality for a good price) Third, What size would be best for a Is250? 17 or 18? Thanks everyone!
  2. I have for sale or will be going on sale. Sorry Mr. Lexluther. Forum rules and guidelines prohibit two things here: 1. Posting sale items outside the Buy & Sell Forum 2. Posting of sale itmes by members with status of "New Member" Please review the forum rules and guidelines as well as those in the Buy & Sell Forum. Sorry for the inconveniece but the rules were set in place a while ago to protect our membership from spammers and people that join just to sell. I am sure you understand. steviej LOC Management.
  3. Well yea, I am not talking about grinding. This thread is about the squeaking sound that comes stock on Is250's and is from the high performance brake pad dust. Anyone change there pads and eliminate the problem? What other solutions? Do u just live with it?
  4. Yeah.... Don't slow down B) :D Seriously though, How did you, many of you, who have had this same problem get it solved?
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies. Does anyone who has had this problem ever come up with a solution?
  6. I have a beautiful 2006 lexus IS 250, awd, fully loaded with the kichen sink, but with the squeakest brakes you can imagine. Its been like that since I first purchased it, brand new from the lot, in april. been to numerous dealers several times, they claim its a non-problem, even going as far as saying its a special feature of the cars performance. I just want to fix the squeak and at this point, I will pay if I have too. Can I buy new brake pads to fix this problem? if so what do you guys recommend? Please let me know anything I can do, I am desperate as I cannot stand any more squeaking.
  7. Do you have the Mark Levinson stereo package? Only the optional Mark Levinson Stereo has DVD capability. This is why I have been on hold. (Lexus is not currently producing IS 250s with the Mark package) I want the ability to play DVD Audio, but the default stereo doesn't have DVD capability. As for the Navigation, DVD Navigation means that the information fed to your Navigation is stored on DVD format. (Street maps, addresses, etc) This is kept in the rear of the vehicle. Just because you have a DVD Based Navigation, this has nothing to do with format capabilities in the stereo. If
  8. Hello everyone, I just discovered this website and this is my 1st post. I purchased my is250 4 days ago and I LOVE it. I am having trouble with playing dvds however. I know that you can only play dvds when the parking brake is on and the car is off. Whenever I put in a dvd however, it doesnt play. I have the navigation system in my car and the 6 disc changer. Do some changers not play dvds? When I put in a dvd, it goes to the cd changer screen and says cd clear. Thats it. No sound, no picture nothing. Ive never even seen a screen on the car that says dvd menu. What am I doing wrong? Dealer wa
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