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  1. Iv'e got a 2006 IS350 and have noticed that when traveling on a "not perfectly smooth" freeway, my dash starts to make creaking sounds like pastics that aren't secured tightly. It seems to be coming from right above my two front air vents in the center of the dash. It is very annoying. Has anyone else experienced this? I know it's still under warranty but I am hesitant in taking it in for fear of making the problem worse. Can they even fix something like this? Thanks.
  2. I've found that when clicking on the PWR button it adds responsiveness and a faster down shift when you are in auto mode. I do believe it allows for more than just being able to rev higher and down shift faster. I notice a big difference between all three modes.
  3. Are your intakes C.A.R.B. certified? I have one on my Honda and it's legal.
  4. another thread. ;)
  5. I'm using Nero burn software for my stuff. I can add track titles in.
  6. Is the lack of power going from the 350 to the 250 pretty drastic?
  7. If you have the warranty paper work, the garage you are getting your car serviced at is supposed to call and confirm the warranty of your vehicle. You can get your car serviced anywhere. I don't know why they would tell you that.
  8. HA!! At least I got to watch some college football while I was waiting.
  9. Shamless plug for your website. :P Very nice ride.
  10. I'm wishing I could here one installed first. I'll have to hope to get lucky and catch one at the Lexus dealer.
  11. Thats odd. It might be a software issue. To bad we can't turn this into a IT forum........hehe
  12. Your trip sounds like the makings of a great commercial.......I'll have my people call your people and we'll make it happen........... :D
  13. I had the dealer do the initial financing for me. After I took possession of the car I paid down half the principle and then took the balance and refinanced the car loan at my local credit union.
  14. It seems that some CD's have the title and track titles encoded and some don't. I find that only about a third of the CD's I've tried actually show a title. That sounds odd but thanks for the info. Take your CD and burn a copy. The majority of the CD burning software out on the market will ask if you want to search for artist track and title information through an online data-base. Say yes to this function and your CD writer should add all of the information to the CD. If that doesn't work, you should also be able to add track information manually through your CD creation process.
  15. If you don't want more cabin noise you probably won't like it. I would get it if it sounds like the Nissan 350Z or the G35 coupe. I was told it would be deeper in tone. I'm still debating.
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