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  1. I am getting about 24 MPG. I am curious if this is about the average of all drivers. I am averaging my snow driving with traffic driving and Highway driving. I just like to know the average regardless if you drive in traffic, snow, slow or fast! Gracias ;)
  2. Good to know, unless I am 15 miles from the nearest key. haha
  3. I go to the garage in the mornings to let my IS warm up before I hit the traffic seen. I was just thinking, what if I left the key fob in my house after starting up the car. When I start driving it away from the house would it shut itself off? I thought I read this on another post but I couldnt find it after searching for a while. Hopefully, this is not a repost! Can anyone tell me if the IS has a timer or something that will not allow the driver to leave without the keys?
  4. Nevermind... found it;
  5. That's a totally different issue!!! I have that all the time, but it's in my dash. It is just so loud that you think it sounds like a rock hitting the windshield. There is a link somewhere in here discussing this......oh, the other day I had my finger resting on a point in the dash while I was changing radio stations, and that happened. I could feel the popping in my finger!! So weird........ Wow, I can never pin point when it is going to happen. But every time it happens I freak out thinking my windsheild is going to crack. Thing is, today, it happened when I was stopped in traffic.
  6. Does it sound like a Rock is hitting your windshield? I just heard that yesterday while driving my car. I think it scares me more than irritates me, since I keep thinking a rock is going through my windshield.
  7. jzflsrt, Where is the AMP located in the IS? I am trying to do the same thing on my '07 250. I need more bass so I was curious if I had AUX outputs on the head or if I can do exactly what you said in the above post.
  8. As a younger adult, I remember putting Subs in my car but I would have to replace the head unit so I could have the proper Audio RCA jacks to connect my AMP. Does anyone know if the Lexus radio already has the RCA jacks on the back of the radio so I can connect directly to them? Maybe I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and say I hear rattling noises in the dash so they take it apart and then I can ask them to hook up the RCA jacks?:)
  9. So I am debating on Tinting my rear Window and the rear sides. Has anyone done this yet to their IS250? How does it look and how do you like it? I want them tinted for looks really, but I also want to make sure it blocks the sun from my baby sitting in the back seat. Tell me how you like your window tint. I am thinking 5% Limo DARK. Thanks
  10. THIS SEQUENCE SHOULD BE A STICKEY!!! That beeping noise is so annoying. My wife would take her belt off to hand our baby a bottle and BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, etc... This was a great post to undue the Seatbelt warning! Thanks!
  11. Ohh...i forgot to mention, i am refering to my 2006 Manual which is on page 29......since you have the 2007, maybe the manual pages are should be under the following headings: - "Adjustable components" - "Linking drivihg poistion memory with door unlock operation" I hope this will help you find it. I have the 07 model but it doesnt have memory seating. Can I still program the memory seating with the key fobs?
  12. I noticed the same thing, but not as extreme as you describe. I seem to have a problem because when I drive with one hand on the wheel the car reacts to the slightest movement. I like this when driving aggresive and hate it if I just want to cruise. Other than that it seems like the car drives perfect.
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I guess I can live with the noise if it is a normal function of the car.
  14. I had a time that I dropped the car off to a valet, and forgot and took the key with me. They drove it away, but had to get my key in order to bring it back...... I was hoping that the engine will shut down automatically after 10 minutes or so once it senses that the key is not in proximity of the car. I think this is a good idea. It should shutoff after 10 minutes or so. It's too easy to walk off with the key in your pocket.
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