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  1. The 2007 LS navigation system is generation 5 and can be updated only by a Lexus dealer ... assuming navigation updates are still available for a nearly 13 model year old vehicle. Toyota/Lexus has discontinued navigation updates in as little as four years after the last vehicle was made that used a particular nav generation. Contact a Lexus dealership for availability and cost. I get a kick out of seeing people who live in high population areas tell others to use their phones for navigation. Bullsh#t. I had to do an unplanned 200 mile drive in total darkness on rural Midwest 2-lane "black top" country roads late last Friday night where there was virtually no cell phone service. Much of the drive was in torrential rain at low speeds ... sometimes as low as 20 mph due to poor visibility. I was in totally unfamiliar territory with no hard copy maps. The in-dash navigation was totally valuable.
  2. Each of the four tire pressure sensors have a unique identification code (it is not called a VIN #) that must be uploaded to the vehicle ECU through the diagnostic port in the driver side (left) footwell. If the TLMS system has been working properly for 28 months, then the cause of the current problem is not from the selling dealer switching wheels. It is more likely that one of the four TLMS sensors has failed or that the TLMS system needs to be reset due to altering tire pressures.. If a sensor has failed, a competent tire shop should be able to determine which sensor(s) has failed by holding an appropriate electronic tool next to it and "pinging" it to determine it's ID code and battery health. TLMS batteries usually last up to 10 years from my experience but they can fail much earlier and can be damaged during a flat tire repair. After tire pressures have been corrected or after a flat tire has been fixed and reinstalled, it can be necessary to initialize the TLMS system by pressing the reset button under the dashboard until the TLMS warning light blinks three times. It's described in the Do-it-yourself Maintenance section of your owners manual.
  3. The 1999 LS400 side windows fit only the 1995-2000 LS400 per the cross reference at https://www.toyodiy.com Besides, I owned a 1990 and 2000 LS400 at the same time and know first hand that the window dimensions are different. Here's a photo of them from around 2003.
  4. A previous post in this thread said that the final update for the generation 5 navigation system was in 2015. I suppose you could verify this by calling a Lexus dealership parts department. There might be a product that allows displaying a phone navigation app in your RX screen via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The only one I know about is kind of expensive: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32812429786.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.21.4b0a5c19MDxS8o Or you could put your smart phone in a phone holder on the dashboard and use a navigation app on it. If you can't hear the navigation instructions from your phone, you could pair it with a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  5. Well I hope the German brand you have now isn't Mercedes, BMW or VW/Audi! If so, then your troubles are just beginning. The vehicles I've owned that were manufactured by Toyota have been infinitely more reliable and of higher quality than the German vehicles I've owned. My last Mercedes, purchased new, was on its 3rd engine when I finally dumped it and bought a new Lexus LS.
  6. Unfortunately, the exploding glass sunroof problem is occurring in vehicles from most car companies. That there are only a handful of auto glass suppliers might have something to do with it. Moving from Lexus to other brands doesn't mean it's not going to happen again. Here is an interesting Consumer Reports article with a podcast about it: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-safety/exploding-sunroof-cases-head-to-court/ Why did your replacement sunroof cost $7K? Mine was a long time ago but it was less than $1K with an OEM glass panel at a collision repair facility owned by the Lexus dealership. The current retail price of an OEM sunroof panel for a 2013 ES is only $830.46 and the going price is around $630. The replacement of mine was completed within an hour so the labor cost couldn't have been much. Based on your photos, your glass sunroof looks like the one I had replaced on my LS. Replacing the sunroof did not affect the value of my Lexus. Why yours?
  7. It is standard procedure for radios replaced under warranty to be replaced with repaired ones although you might end up getting a new one. At least you didn't try the CarPlay/Alexa update yourself and trash the head unit as many owners have. Both dealer techs and individuals have "bricked" head units while doing the update. Some Lexus dealers suspended doing the updates until Toyota/Lexus came up with a reliable update solution. I suppose you could ask the Lexus dealership to buy back your car and then move on to something else. I have some experience with this kind of wait. The A/C compressor on my first Lexus LS400 failed during the first summer I had it in 1990. My LS was at the Lexus dealership for many days before I got it back but at least they gave me a nice loaner to drive in the interim. I would hope that your Lexus dealership has provided you with a decent loaner vehicle to drive.
  8. How to change the state or region that's being searched for a destination should be shown in your navigation manual. If you don't have a navigation manual, it can be viewed in the owners section of https://www.lexus.com/
  9. I suggest that you have your friend pair his phone with your LS and see if song information shows on its screen when he streams from Pandora. That might show whether or not there is a compatibility issue between your Pixel 2 phone and your Lexus unless he has a Pixel 2 like yours. Did you try streaming audio from a service other than Pandora as I suggested so as to see if song/program information from it displays on your LS in-dash screen? If it displays, that would indicate a compatibility problem between Pandora and your Lexus system. If it does not display, the problem could be either with your phone or with your LS. Edit: Do you have any music or other audio stored on your phone that you could stream to your LS via Bluetooth to see if song/program information displays on the in-dash screen? Lexus used to have a web page showing the level of compatibility between vehicle models and phone models but I can no longer find it on the Lexus website. For your amusement, here is a link to an old compatibility list that shows what it looked like: http://a230.g.akamai.net/7/230/2320/v001/toyota.download.akamai.com/2320/lexus/media/lexusdrivers/acs/enform/Enform Phone Compatibility List.pdf It's not as much of a problem anymore due to improvements in cell phone service, but I used to notice that song/program information would sometimes not display in areas where cell phone data service was poor even though there was enough bandwidth for audio to play over Bluetooth albeit with occasional buffering and skips. Do you have good 4G/LTE cell phone service? Which cell phone provider you have can also matter a lot depending on where you live and travel. For example, AT&T seems to provide the best service in the area in which I live followed by Verizon and then Sprint and T-Mobile bringing up the rear which is funny since Sprint's corporate headquarters is here. I've got excellent cell phone service on AT&T at a friend's house down the street a few miles but he's having to get a household signal booster for his T-Mobile cell phone. There are lots of variables.
  10. Does your in-dash screen display song or program information when you stream audio from a service other than Pandora? If not, then I would suspect a phone software issue. What phone model? Pandora has sometimes gotten flakey with some vehicle models. There was a several month period maybe five years ago when Pandora stopped displaying song information on the in-dash screens of some vehicles made by Toyota and the steering wheel controls could not be used to skip and restart songs. After a few months Pandora fixed the problem. I've also noticed that occasionally Pandora will not display song information for a particular song and then it will for the next song although this issue seems to have decreased in frequency. If you haven't already, try deleting the Pandora app from your phone and then reinstall it.
  11. Those prices would be more typical of an early model year LS460 or even an LS600hL in excellent condition - certainly not for a 2001 LS430 UL with 83,000 that needs repairs. Someone on ClubLexus bought a flawless 2004 LS430 Ultra Luxury with 92,000 miles on it and no repairs needed a few weeks ago for only $6,200 from a small dealer. That's a good price but one more typical of a private party purchase. Here's the thread about it: https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-3rd-gen-2001-2006/925195-found-a-lonesome-ls-430-ul-in-a-small-dealer-s-lot.html
  12. Per the 2014 RX350 maintenance manual at the following link, brake fluid is to be replaced every 30,000 miles or 36 months whichever comes first: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omms-s/L-MMS-14RX350/pdf/MY14_Lexus RX 350_WSG_lr.pdf That seems odd since the braking system on our 2014 Toyota Sienna is virtually identical as is the braking system on the Toyota Highlander. Changing the brake fluid on the Sienna is not in its maintenance schedule and is considered "lifetime".
  13. The final update for the gen 2/3 nav system like you have was in 2013 - the part numbers, which I think are for either west or east of the Mississippi are: West Dealers: PT219-GN23W-13 East Dealers: PT219-GN23E-13
  14. The part number appears to be PT211-33001 but it was listed as a discontinued part on the Lexus parts websites I searched. If you can't find one online, maybe ask a body shop specializing in repairing Lexus cars. If you still can't find one, I supposed you could remove them from your car. They should come right off if you heat them up with a hair dryer and carefully pry them up. When I had a 2000 LS400 Platinum Series fender replaced in around 2013, the body shop had difficulty getting the replacement Platinum badge lined up correctly. When I took the car back for them to try again, they pried off the Platinum badge they got on crooked with a heat gun and a plastic trim tool. They got the 2nd replacement Platinum badge on lined up correctly. I thought it was odd that the replacement Platinum badges were not exactly the same as the original badges in that they were missing the plastic coating of the original one.
  15. Why bother? Just leave the lost fuse where it landed and buy a replacement fuse to use.
  16. The parts listing shows only one part number for each color. I suggest calling Lexus customer service or discussing this with a Lexus dealer parts department employee. It seems odd that the 2007 ES350 is excluded from covered vehicles listed in the following document since the 2007 was the first year of the generation 5 ES: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10145764-9999.pdf If it was a 2008 ES350 built from "Early April 2008", dashboard replacement would appear to be covered until "March 31, 2021".
  17. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to remove and reinstall front and rear bumper covers on a variety of vehicles manufactured by Toyota. They are all about the same and it's pretty easy to do.
  18. Normally the windows roll down and the sunroof opens only if the key is turned in the door lock and held. Are you saying that if you unlock the door with the key and immediately remove the key from the door that the windows still roll down? If that is the case, maybe the window ECU or the door lock switch has a problem. Do you have a remote that you can use to lock and unlock the vehicle? If so does it also roll down the windows and open the sunroof when you press the unlock button on the remote.
  19. Paul, Walter didn't say you were ugly. He didn't insult you or anybody else. He said that he thinks that the generation 4 RX is ugly. Lots of people including me are put off by the exterior styling of the gen 4 RX. I wouldn't necessarily call the gen 4 RX the ugliest SUV on the road but it's in the running IMO. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the gen 4 RX hurts my eyes. I especially liked the exterior styling of the gen 3 RX. Based on Walter's previous thread, he appears to be shopping for a replacement for his 2007 RX. If he doesn't like the gen 4 RX, perhaps the more conventional styling of the Toyota Highlander would be more to his liking. The upcoming 2020 Highlander is significantly revised and has what we used to think of as a normal looking front grill. Mechanically, the Highlander is very similar to the RX and it has a 3rd row seat that is much roomier than the 3rd row in the gen 4 RX-L.
  20. There are too many possibilities to speculate which is why you need a trained tech with appropriate equipment to diagnose. If I had to guess, the problem might be a defective spark plug coil. But a defective engine or transmission mount could cause a similar vibration.
  21. All prices are local. See what similar cars are selling for in your area. KBB private party sale value where I live in the Midwest for a 2001 LS UL in that color with that mileage in Good condition is between $4,916 and $7,245 which I think is unrealistically high. A 2006 LS UL with similar miles in a more desirable color with the optional PCS/DRCC package could bring $10K to $13K here if it is in KBB Good condition. It's a shame these cars aren't worth more but there isn't much demand for old Lexus sedans - even originally expensive ones.
  22. That's a common aftermarket on/off switch that could be used to control anything. All you can do is to trace the wires from it and see where they lead. Do you see any non-standard equipment on your vehicle that the switch might control? For example, I've used very similar on/off switches to activate aftermarket rear fog lights.
  23. The Sylvania bulb guide shows a very different looking bulb for the 2002 SC430 map lights: https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/index.jsp The bulbs that Sylvania shows for the SC430 map lights are the same double ended bulbs used in map lights and overhead lights in a variety of Lexus and Toyota vehicles we've had.
  24. Walmart speakers in an LS460? 🤣 Audio systems can be very particular when it comes to impedance. Yes, it is possible to trash an amplifier if speakers with incompatible Ohm ratings are used. I used speakers with incompatible Ohm ratings on a home audio system many years ago but I had to wire in crude adapters and the results weren't ideal. The following website is about the importance of impedance matching: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/2-ohm-vs-4-ohm-speakers
  25. The Toyota technical information site is https://techinfo.toyota.com Complete audio system diagrams should be available for all model years on the techinfo site if you want to get down to the details and compare every connector pin and wire color on the audio system components for the various system versions. That might tell you if the different versions have the same functional pins in their connectors that would imply compatibility. I've got probably a hundred audio system diagrams for Lexus vehicles but not a single one for the SC430. I've always regarded the SC430 as sort of special case in that there were extremely few noticeable changes over it's ten model year run.