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  1. '01 RX300 backup lights are so dim as to be nearly useless. Are there some super-bright replacement bulbs that will fit in the OEM sockets? And if not, any other suggestions?
  2. '01 RX300, the windshiled washer hose snakes up along the passenger-side hood hinge and from there disappears under some plastic covers. The hose has developed a tiny leak right where it goes under the cover, apparently from 19 years of abrasion every time the hood is opened. I'd love to get some tips on how to access the hose beyond the point where it disappears. The leak is right there, but I can't get to it to repair it.
  3. I've got the dreaded driver's doorlock actuator problem and have come across numerous mentions of a "piggyback install" of a $5 eBay actuator instead of using the OEM $200 part. There have also been links to what is reported to be a very thorough, detailed explanation of how to pull it off. But all of the links were posted years ago and are no longer valid. Anyone got a current link to this piece? Thank you!
  4. Can anyone direct me to an assist or video on removing the driver-side lower dash panel (covers the steering column) on my 2001 RX300? I'd love to know where all the clips are and what else needs to come off first! Thank you!
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