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  1. I purchased a 2008 LS460 with 60K miles with all services done at a dealership up until 2017. After that it sat in a garage and was driven around once a week. I went and did a pre-purchase check with a Lexus mechanic who has huge overhead and was originally told I needed all kinds of flushes, all new control arms, an alignment, brakes, spark plugs, tires etc. This was $5k worth of work for a car I was going to buy for $9k. I did due diligence and took it to an alignment place who checked the control arms and stated that one was in need of changing in order to do the job. I also went to a
  2. Hey All (sorry for the dissertation): I was already aware that my car and cars like mine have issues with the control arms and considering the car is 12, I expected it. Problem is, last week I was told by one Lexus repair shop (been using them for 15+ years) that only the front control arms were torn. I held off because of his costs. I had the car aligned that same day at a different shop and was told the alignment couldn’t be done properly because of the front control arms so I had them replaced. Speed up to today, I went to a new shop beloved in my city that is owned by a L
  3. Thanks for your response and the link! I have been ripping my hair out trying to find any information about these cleaning and flushing services that start from $230 and get more expensive, particularly the rear differential fluid bleed and flush. I also don’t think just because fluid is brown means it needs to be “flushed and changed.” It’s too vague and most fluids turn brown, it’s a car. I also have an ‘07 GS and have never quite gotten the guilt trip and BS. I am really worried to do damage to my car it’s in pristine condition so the recommendations I received by the Lexus Mechanic that m
  4. I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place so any helpful advice is greatly appreciated. I recently purchased an ‘08 LS460 with 50k original miles on it and now the car has just under 60k. She’s a cream puff if I’ve ever seen one. The car was garaged all its life (it appeared like a fairy had driven the car for 12 years. All of the repairs were done at the dealership like clock work up until about 3 years ago when the owner passed away. I had a pre-purchase inspection done and wasn’t surprised when the control arms and alignment were brought up. I will take her in to do the 60k maintenanc
  5. I was just in the exact same dilemma and chose to go with the 2008 LS460 with 45k OG miles over a 2016 with over 120k. I don’t necessarily feel like all are equal when speaking of higher mileage. If all things are indeed equal, like the list of necessary repairs or maintenance due by miles (via Lexus maintenance schedule), and wear and tear (interior/exterior) then it comes down to personal preference. The 4 year difference doesn’t mean a whole lot (to me) when you’re talking a difference of 98k miles and choosing between good/pristine. My opinion truly means nothing because you’re putting the
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