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  1. My 92 was doing crazy things. I pulled the ECU and replaced it with a junk yard part and it continued to do crazy things. Per suggestions here I bought the capacitors and replaced all the capacitors in BOTH ECUs. In general car started running fine again. But after about 100 miles of driving I got a check engine light, error code 17 - #1 cam position sensor. Checked all wiring and resistance of sensor. All good. Cleared error and it stayed gone for about another 100 miles. Replaced ECU with the junk yard version that i had also replaced all the capacitors in. Same result. Runs fine, after about 100 miles error 17. Clear it and it's gone for another 100 miles. Did NOT have this issue before the ECU went nuts. Took both ECUs out and resoldered every capacitor. Made no difference. I just can not believe the sensor is bad coincidentially after replacing the capacitors - any thoughts? Thanks. PS - car runs fine with the error code. In fact, once when I forgot to clear it after another 50 miles or so it cleared itself (which I did not think was possible?) and then came back again after another 100 miles or so.
  2. threepwood

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    Ok, sorry it took so long to get back to you but a lot of things have happened. First, I bought a second set of capacitors and soldered them on my junk yard ECU board. Now that I knew what I was doing this job came out much better. Sure enough, my stranger things are gone. Unfortunately, my AC compressor clutch decided to lock up. Smoked the fan belt. Replaced it and now i'm losing freon some place. 2 cans overnight. Maybe the clutch destroyed the seal in the front of the compressor ? I hope not. Know of any good AC stop leak? I really don't want to be replacing the compressor again. This would be the 4th one.
  3. threepwood

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    Thanks, I;ll tell u where I am now. I completely removed the IACV from the picture by plugging the air line to it and electrically disconnecting it and resetting the idle screw to 1000 rpm. Still does it. I reread the original capacitor post top to bottom and saw something that might be a problem, someone mentioned these are multilayer boards and should be soldered from both sides. I did not do that. So I pulled it apart again and resoldered with significantly more solder top and bottom. My plan is to test it again tomorrow. I;ll post here what happens. As a side question, are there any posts on how to rebuild a locked up AC compressor? This is number 4 and it's really getting old 😞
  4. threepwood

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    Ah...I'm all done soldering and I have 2 extra capacitors ???????? Is the list for an LS400 '92 possibly the max I might have needed? And now the bad news. It's still cycling with the new Throttle sensor and all the capacitors changed and now the AC compressor or clutch seems to have locked up. Not good.
  5. threepwood

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    Thanks. I understand and after reading the text I agree it is very probable that the capacitors are the issue. But I have to point out that I have disassembled both ECU's and visually, there is not even one blown capacitor. I'm not sure if it was mentioned in the other thread but the larger capacitors not only leak, they will bubble the scored tops, many times before they leak. However, I trust you guys a lot so I have ordered all the capacitors and will replace them on one of the 2 ECUs and let you know what happens. Thanks again.
  6. 1992 LS400, 180k no traction control I thought I had this fixed, but I don't. At this point, I suspect a demonic possession. Here goes. Start car cold it runs fine. Take a trip of 10 miles or less and it runs fine. Then, let it sit on idle for 20-30 minutes and the possession begins. Idle begins to cycle from 800-900 down to 100 and back. Stepping on gas has no effect. Pumping gas pretty much has no effect. Turn car off and restart it with gas pedal half way to floor and it starts right up running 3000-4000 rpm. Let it drop back to idle and you lose control of the engine again and it just starts cycling. No codes. Unplugged MAF sensor during engine cycling, engine dies, throws a code, so coding seems to be working.. What I have done so far. Started simple – replaced air cleaner, it just needed it. Replaced one suspected coil, same one that failed last time I had an issue but it was NOT like this, but what the heck, I had a spare. – no change at all Unplugged IACV electrically and plugged air hose to it – This is what I thought fixed it but seems I did not run the car long enough. First long trip and it started again. Plugged vac line to EGR valve – no change. Put timing light on plugs (both coils) and watched during these episodes – appears to be good spark. 3 – 4 cans of dry gas in gas tank – no change. Replaced ECU computer under dash on passenger side with an identical one from wreck at junk yard – no difference at all. Next step – replace throttle position sensor. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  7. My friend with a similar problem in his camero suggested I pull the electrical connector on the ISC (Idle speed control) valve and guess what, it started running fine. But since I couldn't be certain it was closed when I disconnected it, I plugged the air line to it. Call it the broomstick solution 🙂 Then I manually set idle hot with AC on to 1000rpm. Have not had an issue since. So I don't see any reason to fix it even though there is lots of info on cleaning it. If anyone has a good reason, I'm willing to listen.
  8. threepwood

    92 LS400 with karman Vortex MAF

    Thanks for your response. After looking at the design I decided not to take the chance and just returned the CRC for a refund, pointing out the note on the can about Lexus,
  9. I bought a can of CRC mass air flow sensor cleaner, did not read the fine print. After getting it home read the fine print which says do not use on Karman Vortex MAF's used in Lexus. As far as I can tell, that is exactly the type in my LS400. I searched internet and seems like it will not harm the sensor but won't do much for it as this type of MAF uses a photodiode and not heating wire? Anybody have experience with this stuff? Thanks.
  10. No codes, just continuous flashing. Just to see what would happen, I pulled the MAF sensor connector with engine runniing. Engine died and now I get codes 12,24 and 31. Cleared codes by pulling fuse and went for a drive in diagnostic mode. Still a lot of hesitation but no stalling. Came back home to check codes, still no codes, just continuous flashing.
  11. Will do, but will there be a code even without a check engine light? No check engine light. Just asking, I don't know. But it has gotten much worse. Can not drive car. Sits there and cycles between near zero rpm and 400 rpm continuously at idle.
  12. It all started after making a sharp rapid left hand turn to beat a short left hand green arrow. Suddenly idle dropped to near zero and pushing pedal to the floor could not keep it running. Acted like it had water in gas tank, that's the only way I can describe it. Could restart car and would run for another 30 feet and then it acts like it's running water instead of gas thru the engine (no power, extremely slow engine rpm increases with gas pedal floored then suddenly it would catch and take off like a rocket). Note, tank was down to 1/4 tank of gas. I nursed it home, put 4 cans of dry gas and 1 can of gumout in it and left it over night. Was able start it next morning and stumbled to nearest gas station to fill it up. Took it home and it started to run properly. Now, every morning when I start the car for the first 3-4 miles it stumbles and acts like something other than gas is running thru it. Fearing it was another ignition coil failing intermittently I put a power timely light on both coils and drove the car around. Both coils are functioning properly during these surge incidents. And this is Florida, so cold starts are not all that cold, as it was 88F here today. What I'm looking for is known issues that might be causing this surging. Bad Egr valve, mass air flows sensor failing, maybe a screen inside gas tank plugged, etc.). Thanks for any suggestions you can make.
  13. threepwood

    92 LS400 flashing AC button light

    Ok, thanks for trying.
  14. threepwood

    92 LS400 flashing AC button light

    33 keeps coming back. I have cycled the vents many times and all seem to be working fine but it still keeps coming back. Is there any way to bypass this error so I can put the relay back in? Would like to have the compressor lock up protection and this error seems to be silly as the vents all seem to be working properly and maintains 74 in auto just fine.
  15. threepwood

    92 LS400 flashing AC button light

    Ok, put relay back in, back to flashing light and code 33. Jumper will stay for awhile I guess.