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  1. Thanks, but I am done sinking money into this car. I tried to trade it in when I bought my Honda (my every day drive) and the dealer refused to take it (and that's when the AC and the odometer worked, which they doesn't anymore). The 'we'll buy any car' sites will only give me $500 for it, so for now a flashlight strapped to the steering column will do for this winter. :-) Probably junkyard when summer comes next year. Sad, it is a very comfortable ride.
  2. 92 ls400 speed/tach/temp/fuel background lighting has suddenly gone intermittent but gauge needles always stay brightly lite and move? Makes it almost impossible to tell how fast you are going. Then, for a few seconds, dash lights up like normal. Seems like a loose connection somewhere to me but I have no clue where or what fuse might control this lighting. I have rotated the dash dimmer control all the way in both directions and it made no difference. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks to all. For unknown reason, without doing anything, it hasn't done this again since i made the post. Guess I should go knock on wood.
  4. Thanks. It does go 'click' when it doesn't start. Going to try picking up the starter relay directly next time it happens. That will at least eliminate the ignition switch. Will also check the cable where it bolts to the starter. As I recall now, that has come loose before. Thanks again.
  5. First, I can not believe I have to tear the entire intake structure of the engine apart just to replace a starter. Maybe Chevy's aren't as bad as I thought. That being said, every 8th or 9th time I try to start my 1992 LS400 It just clicks. But try 2 or 3 more times and it starts right up. Replaced battery, that's not the issue. Could it be a bad spot on the starter? Or maybe the ignition switch? Any thoughts would be appreciated, as have no intention of going after the starter without being 100% certain it is the problem. Thanks.
  6. Just saw this. Hope I am not to late. I'm sorry to say this sounds just like my ECU (Engine Control Unit - it;s behind the glovebox) capacitor issue. Mine is a 1992 LS400 and I went crazy replacing things until someone here pointed out the post where all these ECUs have bad capacitors and will fail sooner or later. It's so common people on ebay are selling capacitor 'kits' for less than $20. But you do need to know how to unsolder and resolder the new caps in. It is very easy. I'm told a new ECU cost more than the car is worth. Don't buy a used ECU from a junk yard, I did and it was als
  7. Sorry it took so long to reply. I have replaced the fan belt and tensioner, no real change. But I have found in the lexus manual that in fact, the voltage regulator changes output as it heats up. The book says : 13.7 - 14.7 @ 77F and can drop to 13.2 !!! - 14.0 at 239F. I added the exclamation points! So I have quit, and consider the current alternator acceptable. And for several weeks now it has charged the battery so I think I'm good. Many thanks for all your help.
  8. Ok, here what's going on now. Autozone felt so bad about the last alternator they ordered me their 'Premium' version of this alternator, which they say is a new alternator, at no additional charge. It does, in fact, look like new. I put it in and it starts out at 14.4 and then as the car heats up (or maybe the battery gets recharged?) it drops to 14.0 but never goes below 14.0. I took it back to AZ and they tested and said they consider 14.0 to be a good voltage regulator. So no issue. But I really need to know if this is the way the Lexus voltage regulator is supposed to work. All my ot
  9. Well, guess what. I drove the car to autozone while the voltage was down to 13.5 and they put their tester on it and confirmed, another dead Alternator/voltage regulator. This is quickly becoming ridiculous. I have lost count on the number of alternators I've put in/out. This time i'm going to ask them to bench test the new one before I leave the store. This one was dead out of the box, acted like this from the moment I started the car. And once again, never a bad battery idiot light !!!!! Guess I need to look for a nicer looked permanent volt meter :o(
  10. Ok, I need some advice from a good electrical guy. Here's what's going on - I put the new alternator in. Checked the idiot light for battery before putting it in and it was good. Put a voltmeter on the battery. 13.3 volts on battery. Started car, 14.2 volts. A little low I thought. Start driving around and as long as i keep driving voltage keeps dropping slowly. It bottoms out at about 13.5 volts, just slightly above the battery voltage I started with. I have never seen this from an alternator. It is acting more like a battery charger. On my ranger truck it's 14.4 continuously, regard
  11. Thanks, at the moment the car is in pieces in the driveway as I took (1 handedly!) the alternator out and exchanged it again for a new/rebuilt at autozone. Just don't have the drive to rush putting the new one back in. But when I do I will also check the connection you suggested.
  12. Well, I fell off my roof Sunday onto concrete steps. 3 broken ribs, 5 staples in scalp, and a fractured spacula. So for the next 6 weeks it will be real pain (not just the pain of owning this car) while it just sits in the driveway.
  13. Not a clue. It definitely was not a leaking PS pump this time though. Autozone did not even want to test it. They said just take it out and bring it in for an even exchange (lifetime warranty - highly recommended).
  14. Alternator was not charging below 1000 rpm. I know this because most of the idiot lights on the dash board lite up and would go out above 1000 rpm. Checked with voltmeter and confirmed. So yesterday morning I replaced the alternator for the 3rd or maybe 4th time, hard to keep track. But it's a lifetime Autozone alternator so all it cost me was my time and I'm, unfortunately, getting pretty good at it. I'm so confident this fixed it I decided to give the old girl a long trip to a dinner party (30 miles 1 way). Mostly 60+ mph highway speeds but then suddenly traffic comes to a dead stop. Remains
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