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  1. Fuse #2 (20 amp) in the engine compartment fuse box is for the wipers. Is it blown?
  2. Your location says California and your year and model says 2020 ES250. The 2020 ES250 isn't sold in the U.S. but it is sold in a number of other countries. If you really do have a U.S. market 2020 ES (ES350 or ES300h), then the "Ringtone Volume" can be changed on the Sounds settings screen. See page 249 of the navigation and media manual: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omnav-s/OM06175U/pdf/OM06175U.pdf
  3. How often are you having to buy HID bulbs? Are you buying new high quality OEM 4100K HID bulbs? Stay away from high kevin off-brand bulbs. I've never had an OEM HID bulb burn out. My 2000 LS400 was still on its original factory installed HID bulbs when I sold it in 2014. The HID bulbs in my 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited van are still the original ones. You would have to replace your current HID headlight units with the standard units in order to use low beam halogen bulbs and also do a considerable amount of inventive re-wiring. You would also lose the automatic beam leveling feature. LED headlight conversion kits are mostly crap.
  4. WD40 is one of the worst substances you could have used. It's a solvent and not a lubricant and can really gum up the works when it dries. WD40 stains badly too. I doubt that it is acceptable to squirt any substance into the shift lever assembly. I suggest that you pull the wood trim panel off the center console and try to determine what's going on. I should remember how to remove the large console wood panel from a gen 1 LS400 since I did it many times on the 1990 LS400 I drove from new to 2003. I can't remember if it's necessary to remove the drink holder assembly or the ashtray before jerking out the wood panel. I don't think it is - not certain. Grab the wood panel ahead of the gear shift lever with your finger tips and pull upward. There are two clips at the front on the underside of the panel that will pop out of slots in the console structure. Then slide the wood panel forward and upward so that the clips on the underside of the panel at the back slide out of their slots. I actually have a gen 1 LS400 console wood panel in my garage that was damaged when my 90 LS400 was rear ended hard enough to crack the clear coat on the panel. I don't know if removing the wood panel will allow you to see anything. The only shifter I've disassembled was on a Toyota Camry and that was not at all fun.
  5. Warranties are not affected by the installation of tow hitches unless it can be proved that the hitch caused the failure of a vehicle component. If a hitch is super important to you then it's best to verify that a hitch is available before purchasing a vehicle. The cost of custom fabricated hitches can vary wildly. I suggest getting several bids. I'm going to have a class II trailer hitch fabricated for a new mid-engine Corvette C8 convertible so I can plug a bike rack into it and I won't be surprised if the total cost is well over $1,000 but that's a nit considering it's an $80,000+ car. I will provide a detailed design to the fabricator.
  6. Here one in Austin that advertises custom hitches: https://www.spillarhitchestx.com/ There might be others - try searching Google, Yelp, etc.
  7. The belts should not flex much when you push a finger against them - WHILE THE ENGINE IS OFF! Sorry, but forgot I was in an ES forum which has a transverse V6. The electric fan(s) behind the radiator are super important - verify it or they are working. I'm more familiar with V8 Lexus vehicles in which the electrical fans are supplemental and run when it is very hot and then mainly when the vehicle is not moving.
  8. The first thing I would check are the drive belts. Maybe the belt(s) driving the AC compressor and water pump are slipping.
  9. Find a leather/vinyl repair business that does automobile interiors. Ask an auto repair shop or car dealer for recommendations.
  10. The large diameter, long screw on the scissors jack corroded while stored in the trunk over the years to the extent that the screw wouldn't rotate. I assume you had your jack in the correct location. The GX's designers could have made it easier. Not many vehicles require crawling under them to place the jack.
  11. A common cause of the problem is a damaged or misaligned laser or radar unit depending on which cruise control type you have. You have the radar version if your car has the Pre-Collision System (PCS) which was optional only on the 2004-2006 LS430 with the Ultra Luxury or Custom Luxury package. The LS430 owners manuals makes it confusing by using the word "laser" to refer to both cruise control types. The laser unit on the lower grill seems to be particularly subject to damage from road debris. The radar unit behind the "L" emblem on the upper grill is much less subject to damage but still can be damaged or knocked out of alignment by an impact. Both unit types must be kept relatively clean. Diagnosing the problem is best left to a Lexus dealership or a independent repair shop that specializes in Lexus. When my wife trashed the radar unit on her car, the replacement radar unit had to be aligned/calibrated by the dealer. Even the Lexus dealer's own collision repair facility couldn't do it.
  12. I don't have a GX but I can take a guess based what I know about the LX. Does your GX have rear air suspension? If it does, did you turn it off before jacking per the instructions in the GX owners manual? Information about changing a flat tire starts on page 534 of the 2016 GX owners manual which you can view at https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM60M73U/pdf/OM60M73U.pdf The only other causes I can think about right now are non-standard wheel/tire size, the jack sinking into the shoulder, failure of the jack or the wrong jack. The jack on the last LS I had failed and I bought a replacement ... which I forgot to give to the person who bought the car from me.
  13. Excess current draw is BAD! A competent repair shop will know the acceptable amps and you can probably find the information on the Internet. Starter failure on these cars is quite common at or just above the mileage yours is at. There's more information about the problem in the Club Lexus LS400 forum than there is here. I really liked my 2000 LS400. It was nicely equipped with the Platinum package which included the 2001 LS430 wheels, birds eye maple wood, nicer leather and other features that were different from the standard 2000 LS400. I would have driven it a few more years if it had features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, headlight washers, rain sensing wipers, parking sensors, etc., etc. There are photos of it in my forum album:
  14. It's fairly common for a water pump to weep coolant for a long, long time before it fails if it ever does fail. Unfortunately, water pumps on the 3.5 liter V6 engine used in the RX and in my 2014 Sienna seem to have a little higher failure rate than normal. If/when the water pump does need replacing, consider consulting an independent repair shop that specializes in Toyota and/or Lexus vehicles. Or start now so you will be ready if the water pump fails. A Lexus dealer might tell you that the engine must be removed in order to replace the water pump but it's been found that doing that is not necessary. I've wondered if dealerships are billing customers for far more time than it really takes to replace a water pump on the 3.5 liter V6. I agree that a lot of dealerships scam customers by recommending unneeded repairs. The 3.5 liter engine in my Sienna was weeping a tiny bit of oil from the pan gasket - the Toyota dealer said it MUST be repaired but I declined. I wiped the oil film from the pan gasket. The dealership has never mentioned the "problem" again even though it has serviced the vehicle about 10 times (every 5,000 miles) since then.
  15. I had the same problem at about the same mileage on the 2000 LS400 I drove for 11 years. Verify that the battery posts and cable clamps are spotlessly clean and that your battery is in good condition. And verify that power steering fluid is not dripping on the alternator but that's pretty rare on the 1998-2000 LS400 - it was a common problem on the 90-94 LS400. It would have to be very leaky valve covers for oil from them to get on the alternator. It's not a problem if valve covers only slightly weep oil as long as it does not flow from them. The valve covers on a Camry V6 we used to have weeped oil for years with no detectable oil loss and we finally had it fixed only because the car went to a nephew. Unfortunately, it may be the starter going bad. Have the starter tested to see if it's drawing excess current. Apparently it's a quick test for someone who knows what they are doing. Replacing the starter is a fairly complex operation due to its location. I think I paid about $900 in around 2012 at an independent repair shop that specializes in Lexus vehicles but that was substantially less than what the Lexus dealership would have charged. After the starter replacement, I drove the car another 30,000 miles to 180,000 miles with no problems until I sold it in 2014.
  16. You are apparently not in the U.S. In the U.S., the service center or its insurer would pay for the repair. Neither you, your insurer or the towing company would pay any portion of the repair cost. The service center accepted full responsibility for your vehicle when it accepted it from the towing company and was responsible for ensuring that it was stored in a secured area and locked if necessary. At least this is the way it works in the U.S. Had a service center employee destroyed your vehicle while road testing it after a repair, again it would be the service center or its insurer that would be totally responsible for paying for replacement of your vehicle.
  17. See pages 121-122 of the 2007 RX350 owners manual which can be viewed at https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM48699U/pdf/OM48699U.pdf Page 122 shows the location of the optional rain sensor. If you have the optional rain sensor and want the feature off when going through a car wash, turn AUTO mode off.
  18. Although I've been active on this forum for many years, its activity level has dramatically declined. I suggest you ask your question on the much more active Club Lexus forum at https://www.clublexus.com/
  19. I wonder if the traction battery or a related component is going bad. I assume the traction battery is used to start the internal combustion engine of the RX400h like it is on other hybrid vehicles made by Toyota. And how old is the regular 12V battery? Does it test OK? Even through it isn't used to start the internal combustion engine, it's critical in powering the vehicle's electric infrastructure ... gauges, audio system, accessories, etc. I doubt if the brake code has anything to do with the problem. Sometimes meaningful codes trigger others that aren't.
  20. I don't see changing the transmission and differential fluid in the maintenance schedule for the 2008 LS460. Lexus dealers like to make money by doing unnecessary services which was one of the reasons I rarely used Lexus dealers for service during my 24 years of driving LS sedans. I see that engine coolant (120 months) and brake fluid (180 months) could be past due or due to be changed based on time instead of mileage. If you are going to be conservative, those might be services to have performed ... or maybe not. Ask the dealer service writer where in the heck something called induction system cleaning is specified in the maintenance manual. That sounds like a totally bogus trumped up service. Here's a link to the maintenance manual for the 2008 LS460: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omms-s/L-MMS-08LS460/pdf/L-MMS-08LS460.pdf
  21. I would be surprised if a hitch ever becomes available from Lexus USA. They usually supply hitches at the time a vehicle is introduced as they did with the UX in the U.K. and the NX and RX in the U.S. Maybe an aftermarket hitch will eventually become available but the UX is selling in pretty low numbers ... only a little over 16,000 in 2019 - might not be cost effective for an aftermarket hitch company for such a low volume vehicle. I don't like carrying bikes on a roof either but I've sometimes done it. I carried bikes on the room of a Mercedes for 11 years since a receiver hitch wasn't available and I wasn't about to trash the trunk lid with a trunk lid mount bike rack. I now check on hitch availability before I buy a vehicle. I even installed a 1 1/4 inch receiver hitch on my wife's Prius so she could plug in a 2-bike rack. I'm planning to buy a 2-seat sports car next summer for which neither a roof rack or receiver hitch is available. Although I'll buy the car even if I can't carry bikes on it, I'm already investigating having a class I 1 1/4 inch receiver hitch fabricated for it.
  22. I've never heard of a Toyota/Lexus navigation system using two map DVD's at the same time. The final map DVD's for the 2002-2004 SC430 were the ones that were made available in 2013. The part numbers for the ones from 2013 are: PT219-GN23W-13 (for West of the Mississippi River) PT219-GN23E-13 (for East of the Mississippi River) The -13 in the part number refers to the publication year (2013). The 23 in the part number refers to the DVD being for navigation generations 2 and 3. Maybe the trunk mounted map DVD reader isn't the problem. The problem could be in the in-dash navigation head unit or in an electrical connection between the two units. I've found that Lexus dealers have little interest in repairing older cars. Their technicians seems to be familiar only with current models and no one wants to crack a manual to see how to repair the older ones. It's almost seemed like a strategy to get customers to buy newer cars. If you want to further investigate the problem yourself, you could subscribe to the Toyota technical information website which should have information on how to diagnose the problem: https://techinfo.toyota.com/
  23. The mirrors should tilt downward when you shift into Reverse and return to their normal position when you shift back into Drive. Have you tried to tilt the mirrors downward with the mirror control switch while you are in reverse? Wondering if that might reset them.
  24. It's as if some of the personalized settings have become lost. Normally these settings on the LS430 can be modified using hardware/software connected to the diagnostic port under the dashboard. You could have a Lexus dealership try to set them the way you want but they might not "stick" due to what sounds like some sort of electrical problem in the vehicle ECU where the settings are stored. The driver's door seems to be working as designed. I don't think there is a way to make all the doors unlock when the inside driver door handle is pulled. There is a setting that causes all the doors to unlock after shifting into Park. The following ancient thread has a list of settings that can be customized: