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  1. Thanks for offering this info. I actually had the master cylinder replaced twice since I thought the first one was faulty since the pedal was still falling a week later. The second one was purchased from Rockauto. The brand was Beck/Arnley. I read a bunch of reviews and some even said theirs came in a Toyota box/wrapping so it sounded reliable. Unfortunately, it did not fix the issue. The brake fluid is a possibility as I’m sure the mechanic did not use a specific variety. Wonder if I can bring it to Toyota and ask that they just flush and fill? Honestly not sure what to do at this point
  2. The dealership prices are out of my budget, including their $175 diagnostic fee. So I was hoping to get some ideas or advice here before proceeding. Or if anyone knows of any lexus specific mechanic in the dallas area, I’ll take that, too.
  3. Could use some help and I will confess that I am not a mechanic! Bought a 2004 330 for my daughter and immediately noticed a falling brake pedal. Had the master cylinder replaced twice (!) and the problem still isn’t solved. Was assured the lines were bled. Mechanic guessed maybe it could done the abs pump? But I really can’t afford to keep spending money on fixes that aren’t working. Could it be the pump? Could it be the master cylinder booster which I did not replace? Has anyone had this ongoing problem? And lastly, I wonder if this is even worth fixing?? thanks in advance for any help. P
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