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  1. Thanks! firming up the car is fine but I don't want a firm ride. Do these adjust down to a nice smooth ride? Not a pillow but not a brick.
  2. Search gave me nothing so... I plan to put coil overs on my "02 SC: I prefer a comfortable ride and want a small drop to fill up the wheel wells. TIA
  3. Could someone direct me to the posting showing the spindle grille conversion done by a Japanese owner. Couldn't find it in search. TIA
  4. I purchased new alloys for my '02 and need to know which are the proper lug nuts to purchase. Help please!
  5. Just don't like the look; nothing very sleek or smooth. I'll keeep the pieces and find a good welder if I change my mind!
  6. Sorry; there are 'roll bars', tubing loops. Nice solid tubing. Might not have been the intent but...
  7. Has anyone eliminated the rear headrests? Completely cut off the roll bars and fill in the open area with an upholstered filler. (Safety naziis need not respond)
  8. I purchased my 430 on a whim and find that I love it. Next cae will be a Lexus! My question is about the alarm sysytem which I don't think is original. Right above my left knee is a hefty looking twist switch. Twisting it elicits a high pitched buzzing but nothing else. A 4" square box is (was) located on the rear bumper cover with wires snaking up into the trunk. Is this OEM or an after market item? Hard to believe Lexus would put that nasty looking thing in that position under the dash panel. Is removing the under dash panel as much "fun" to remove as I think or is there a secret? TI
  9. Thanks for the help on the beginning of a journey (not too long, I hope).
  10. Hello! I purchased an '02 SC last week and joined this site today. The mileage is a bit high (157K) but the overall condition is great. Are there items that I can replace (bushings,etc.) to bring the car back to "as new" feel? Looking forward to future conversations!
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