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  1. Like I described in an earlier post, the 01 tilt mechanism does not resemble the earlier models. ie. there is no accessible gear drive when you disassemble the steering column. I had hoped that the shimming remedy would work but alas, not to be. Rod
  2. I stopped by the dealer today to ask about the problem. Without a moment/s hesitation, the service guy said "its the motor". It may well be, but since it powered down before quitting, I think I will do some more diagnostics before shelling out for them to play with it. There was no groaning or creaking before it quit. I am still banking on a connection somewhere but finding it may be a chore. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I should also add that when the tilt ceased to function, it went to its lowest position and now refuses to move. ie. it did not stay in the last place it was put but rather tilted down to its lowest level and then quit. Is there position sensors for the tilt function and if so, is it possible to bypass them? Not looking forward to taking this problem to the dealer but it may come down to that. Thanks
  4. I have checked all the fuses and they are OK.
  5. My SO has an 01 LS430. The tilt wheel is stuck in its lowest position. I have searched the forum for possible solutions. I have not found one yet. - there is no "whirring" noise (as if motor is running) when the control is operated. - the fix described elsewhere on the forum (shimming drive gear) does not describe the '01. ie. the drive gear/motor assembly is not accessible like it is described for earlier models. The coverings over the steering column are removable as described but the motor assembly looks like nothing in the pictures. Was there a significant change in the newer models? I am hoping someone else has had this problem and can offer some advice. Thanks
  6. My SO's 01 LS does the same thing. Only thing different is that when the transmission is put into P, it blows warm again. This just started so we haven't diagnosed the problem yet. I posed the qestion on the forum just now. Should have done a search first and found this thread. Sorry. Rod
  7. My SO has an 01 LS430. Recently she has noticed a issue with the heating system. When the car is moving, the heater puts out normal hot air as it should and keeps it at the temperature selected. The problem arises when the car stops (as at a stoplight). The air turns cold. As soon as the car is moving again, it blows warm air. It does not seem to make any difference how the control panel is set (eg. outside air, recirculation, mode, etc). The really interesting aspect of this is.......if the car is stopped and the transmission is put in "Park", it continues to put out warm air. If the transmission is in gear, the air is cold when the car is stopped. I need to get her to check the coolant level but the whole transmission thing makes me think it is something else. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks Rod
  8. Can anyone point me to a good step by step description on how to get at and replace the HID low beam hedlight bulb, drivers side, 01 LS430? Thanks Rod