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Lexus Enform?


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Just got a notice that my Lexus Enform Safety Connect and Destination subscription expired and sadly, they had not received my renewal payment ;(

What is it? I kind of heard something about it but that is all. Does this mean my navigation will no longer work? What in the world is worth $264.90 a year that I have never used?


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I use my Enform on a regular basis. Just this week I was in a part of the city that was new to me and I got all turned around and could not find the business I wanted. You just click on destination help and a friendly person comes on and ask to help you. I told the rep that I was looking for a business but I did not have the phone number for directions and I needed them to download the directions to my Navigation application.

Within 20 seconds the business was verified, the navigation route was downloaded and the rep asked if there was anything else I needed. I also use the weather application and SOS for a tow or accident locator.


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No, I never even knew there was an SOS button. Just found it after I saw all this. No point for me to read about it now though.Probably would be a good idea for Lexus to do two things.

1. Tell people about it when you buy the vehicle.

2. Make the renewal price reasonable.

Since I never used it, I guess I don't need it so issue resolved. Just didn't know if it disabled the nearly worthless navigation system or not. I have all kinds of roadside assistance stuff and I drive a car very unlikely to break anyway.

Just life in the Lexus lane I suppose.


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