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  1. Country - US 2013 GS350 So far, I get all of my txt messages with no problems. Ever so often and I don't know why, I get an email to come up. But only from one person....Strange.
  2. I am having trouble getting my car to work correctly. It seems that I am getting text messages ok, but once in a while the system will actually read an email. What settings am I missing or what do I not have setup correctly? I also can't reply to my messages although I can see all replies in the setup section of the system (car). Thanks
  3. Thank you all of the help.
  4. Hello all. I just purchased my first GS and I am extremely excited. As a new owner of this vehicle, I want to make sure I take advantage of all features. Since the vehicle I purchased was previsosly registered, I need to better understand this enform thing. :) Will Lexus give me the year free since I am new newbie? Or can anyone guide me on a way to really experience this new platform? Thank You! all in advance.
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums Milli35 :)

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