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  1. The only age barrier to getting a C8 is if you can't manage to exit the car, since the force of gravity that allowed you to enter it will no longer be there to help you exit it.
  2. Thanks again, Jim. It's incredible that even some 2019 models were not updated to 4G. That must really anger the owners. As the owner of a 2014, I'm angry, but at least I've been somewhat conditioned by several years of experience to expect obsolescence with anything digital.
  3. Thanks for the response. Question: what is meant by "basic Enform will still work"? After elimination of the items that won't work, what's left? Comment (1): I wish Lexus would offer a detailed explanation of what would be involved in a retrofit. Comment (2): It appears Lexus is a lot like today's computers and other such devices. They become functionally obsolete as a practical matter even though they are still operable. Planned obsolescence? I prefer my 2012 Mercedes E350 over my 2014 Lexus RX350. All integrated telecommunications operate via the owner's new or old cell phone (which, of course, depends on cell tower coverage, as does Enform). But, alas, my wife prefers the cushiony ride of the Lexus.
  4. I just got an email from Lexus (09/11/2020) saying that my 2014 RX350 will no longer be supported by Enform after specified dates. This is due to telecommunications providers plans to abandon 3G wireless networks, upon which my year and model Lexus depends. My question: why can't Lexus upgrade the affected Lexus model-years to 4G or 5G, through a retrofit?
  5. This led me to the right answer eventually, which is to turn off "Auto Screen Change." Menu, Setup, General (scroll down to 2nd page of 4), scroll down to Auto Screen Change. Select "Off" to make your Audio or Climate Control screens persist once you're on them.
  6. I'm used to our 2012 Mercedes which allows me to select whatever screen I want to, and keep it there. For example, map only, radio only, etc. However, our 2014 RX350 with navigation, does not seem to permit this. If I select "radio," the radio screen appears but the display eventually reverts to map. Is there a way to keep the "radio" screen on all the time?