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Hello all. I just purchased my first GS and I am extremely excited. As a new owner of this vehicle, I want to make sure I take advantage of all features. Since the vehicle I purchased was previsosly registered, I need to better understand this enform thing. :)

Will Lexus give me the year free since I am new newbie? Or can anyone guide me on a way to really experience this new platform?

Thank You! all in advance.

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If you bought the car from a Lexus dealer, all that information is available from the dealer or from Lexus.

My car came new with X amount of time free for certain Enform features, and then maybe a year for something else. As I don't want most of the features, I let the service expire. Kept only the Sirius radio, for which I negotiated a favorable monthly fee by going directly to Sirius. As I recall, info on all of this came with the car.

If you bought the car used, and there is no info with the paperwork, I'd go to a Lexus dealer or call the Lexus service number that will be with your documents (owner's manual, etc) somewhere.

I believe it is possible to subscribe or re-subscribe any time; you just have to pay the monthly fee.

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Hi Alfredo and welcome to the Club.

Based on your information in your posting I'm guessing this is a Pre-Owned GS. If that is the case, Stephen is correct. The trial period for Enform and Sirius/XM is included for one year with a new Lexus. There is no such option for a Pre Owned Lexus.

However, as Stephen mentioned, You may be able to negotiate a new subscription from your dealer. I love the satelite radio. I don't care how long your drive you can always find a channel that suits your mood. Two other features I use all the time is Navigation and Direction Assistance. Just yesterday I was looking for a business I had been to before, But as I drove up and down the street I could not find the business. So, I pulled over and hit the Direction Assistance. I simply told the lady what I was looking for and 15 seconds later, I had the address and number. Some times I look around at the gas consumption and how it is trending like on a long trip. You can also sign-up for Stock market information and so on.

If you decide to continue the service, you will have to re-activate the package through Sirius/XM. In my experience it's worth the money. For more information just go to, and click on customer service. There is additional information at the on several Lexus topics.


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I bought a new Lexus last summer. Saw the enform thing. Never touched any of it. Kept the sirius after successful negotiations. Not really even sure what the enform does or works.

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