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New 2016 RX / How do I turn off Enform I do not want the free trial.


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I know you get a one year free trial, but I really dont like enform or distanation assist and I want to turn both of them off, I never signed up for Enform but I think the dealer signed me up - How do I shut it off?

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I suppose you could ask your Lexus dealer.  I've never heard of anyone wanting to turn the entire Enform off and I suspect that this would be a first for your Lexus dealer.  What part of Enform do you not like and why don't you like it?

The basic part of Enform (Enform App Suite) is not part of the one year free trial - it is included in the vehicle purchase price.  Updates to it over the years will also be at no cost.

You don't have to use any of the Enform features that you don't want to use and none of them should get in your way if you don't use them..  Why not just let those features expire.  There are some wonderful features in even the basic Enform such as finding locations on the Enform app on a smart phone so that they sync up to the Enform system when you enter your vehicle - enter your destinations at the kitchen table instead of in your vehicle.  And Destination Search means being able to use the vehicle navigation system to navigate to a business that opened recently and is not in the navigation system POI database.  And then there are all the Internet music streaming apps in the basic Enform:  Slacker, Pandora, iHeart.

Who knows?  Maybe you will crash your RX into a ravine with no witnesses and the automatic crash notification feature of Enform Safety Connect will send emergency personnel to save you.  By the way, the Safety Connect feature can be renewed separately after the trial period is over and multi-year discounts are available.  We renewed Safety Connect in our vehicles for multiple years.






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