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What is the most common problem with your car?


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Yes...the police radar gun ;-)

But, my car comes with a trunk monkey, called Mr Quick-Draw-McGraw Lawyer..

I drive a VW GTI. So I'm sure I have problems, just haven't driven it enough to find them yet (7k miles in a year).

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Problem - my car(s) is (are) not immune to laser.

You need THIS:

I have it installed on my RX, and it's legal in most states, and it works! I even bought a laser gun off of ebay to test it with, and it worked flawlessly. <_<

And the only real problems with my RX have been caused by me by tampering with it... so i don't think that counts.

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the most common problem with my car is gas... I always use my car, and I remember to refill the tank... I need a very big tank...

^ :lol: I would think though, if you can afford the LFA then gas isn't that big of an issue... ;)

No issues with our RX, loving it!

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