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  1. Hi Lisa This could be a number of things. First question, have you fueled it correctly? have you added gas instead of diesel?
  2. i would negotiate at least half of the cost of replacing the belt, so if it's $1k then i would be looking at getting at least 500-600 dollars off.
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    Hi Yash Welcome to the Lexus Owners Club Did they do anything to the tires on the car during the service? Do you and your brother have both same tire pressure and tire profiles? Then check for power steering (ATF) level as well.
  4. I have done this, key was in my pocket and as i walked away the button was being pressed by the other keys on the fob. Came back with it all open.. Luckily it was sunny and no one stole my sunglasses. LOL
  5. Hello Anne Welcome to the Lexus Owners Club I have found some handles on eBay for you hope this helps
  6. Moderators spat their coffee out lol
  7. Welcome to the Lexus Owners Club Charles! Pearl white is one of my fave colors.
  8. Lexus GXOR concept looks cool. More info to come
  9. it seems the Lexus LM minivan that is to be announced in Singapore is slated for production in 2020. Let's hope it set for US and European markets.
  10. unfortunately FB affected all forums. some survived better than others.
  11. Visit your local dealer, have the VIN checked for any recalls and see if they have all been done.
  12. AMCI Global tested the Lexus LC 500 against the Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe with pro driver Justin Bell at the wheel for closed-course lap times, slalom and wet cornering. And what’d they uncover?
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  14. Just did a 6200 mile road trip around Europe. 16 countries in 16 days. All the way to the tip of Norway (most northern road in the while of (europe) to Italy and Austria (highest road in europe) The best was driving up the Stelvio pass in Italy. Here is a brief video of our Adventure.