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Tranmission Fluid Level


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hey you guys, i have a tip (can you believe it?). if you want to drain the engine oil or the transmission fluid yourself without jacking up the car, here's a trick:

1) get a about 7 feet of 3/8 inch plastic tubing from your neighborhood hardware store.

2) snake it down into the reservoir

3) suck on it until it starts the draining motion

4) place in a container and place it lower than the reservoir

5) physics does the rest

i found this tip somewhere on the web but i can't remember to whom to give credit. it won't change the filter, but it's something and costs all of $1.50.

anyway, so i used this trick and drained about 1 quart of transmission fluid. but surprisingly, the dipstick still comes about 3/4 inch higher than the hot level. how much does that reservoir hold?

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It's called "siphoning" and it uses the siphon effect.

it's how me and my buddies would get gas back in high school. :whistles: :ph34r:

This was of course before locking gas caps. :blushing:

one major hint, make sure it is clear tubing so you can see the fluid coming.

I syphoned hydrolic fluid once and got a mouth full. The only thing I can say is hydrolic fluid works better than ex-lax. :chairshot:


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VERY BAD IDEA guys, I know it sounds like it's an easy way to do it, but your missing the point!!!! I can't stress this enough!!!! The entire reason that you take it in to have the pan dropped, is to have them inspect it for metal particles on the magnets- on the pan! How can you tell if your going to have problems unless you drop the pan, and clean the flippin filter?!! It's not worth it, just because it may be quicker for you now. I should be glad that some people are even changing the fluids at all- so, I guess I should say keep up the good work!

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