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  1. i think these things are generally available on when you click on certified lexus then model library.
  2. hmmm. i guess people really care about status. me, i just wanted a quiet car -- ha, ha. that's kind of funny given all my nagging experience with the vibration and wind noise.
  3. how do the overlays look different, if anyone has a minute.
  4. wait a minute, why would your current remote stop working. am i crazy or does this sound fishy?
  5. look at that, a newbie who contributes from day one (almost). that's cool.
  6. ya know, these things drive me nuts! good luck getting yours fixed.
  7. wow! $600. that's really good. do you get glass, collision and comprehensive and all that? i have the highest coverage for personal liability and stuff like that, but even without them, i don't know that i can get down to $600. i do live in a suburb of nyc, so maybe that's the problem. but you know what, your credit rating matters -- a lot. just look at my premium quote before/after running my credit report. it's shocking.
  8. but i thought the two on-off was only for rewrite, not adding a new key.
  9. hey, you guys, just wondering, have you heard of any !Removed! up the laser cutting. i have get a new key and am worried that if i don't go to the dealer, my local locksmith my screw it up. whaddya think?
  10. try holding the lock/unlock for longer than 1 second. do 2 seconds. you can also try to push the unlock button in the end, though it shouldn't matter. also, you gotta be quick.
  11. probably too late to jump in the fray, but i agree with jragosta and gav. all those things insurers do are based on statistics. i know it's weird, but someone i know had doubts about his fiance because she was a chain smoker and statistics say chain smokers have a higher divorce rate than non-smokers. so see, it's all statistics. dc steve is right. some people will be more harried/stressed than others and those things do make a difference in how you drive. a waiter's working 2 jobs and moonlighting as an actor would be a contributing factor. similarly, someone who plans his future out to include a doctorate is probably a little more forward looking and careful about life in general than someone who decided to wing it without a bachelor's (though, i personally think college is a bit overrated and wasted on most people). insureres need to make money too (and have a way of calculating their loss patterns), especially nowadays when shareholders demand accountability. and don't forget when insurers lose money, it's you and me who pay in the end. all you college grads, do you want new pricing based on new stats that show that college grads have more accidents than previously presumed because all the non-degree holders slipped into the group under the radar? but hey, none of these things probably matter nearly as much as your credit rating and your driving record. i do have a policy with geico and darned if they didn't quote me $3400 per year without my credit history. then i told them to run it and bingo, i pay like $890 year now. so watch the plastic and drive safely.
  12. i think it might be illegal to sell you a lemon, but probably too late to take the issue up with the dealer now. piggy, did you ever run a carfax report or something to that effect to make sure your mileage at the time of sale was represented accurately? if it was misrepresented, i think you can still take it back. it just sounds so odd that you have been having so many problems. ============ you should still just think about going forward instead of anything about the $7K already lost or being responsible adult or not dumping a lemon on somebody else. you can sell it telling people that it has these problems. then take the money and buy a hyundai, which has had very good reliability rating for recent year models and which also depreciates quickly so you should be able to find a relatively new car, or do something to that effect. let's say you can sell the lexus for $3500 to someone then spend another $1000 to get a chevy or a hyundai or whatever. then you will be out $1000 if the new car doesn't have any problems. but if you keep the lexus and spend $2000 to get things right, you can see it still makes sense to sell the lexus at a loss and take a chevy. if you think you are only going to spend several hundred bucks on the es300 going forward, then the above makes no sense and you should go ahead and fix the lexus and drive it the best you can. but, these economic scenarios always make more sense on paper than on the psyche. so do what feels right for you.
  13. well, you know, the money you've already spent is just that - sunk cost. going forward, will you spend more money fixing this thing or selling it as a lemon to a handy mechanic type and getting a car that won't be sitting at the shop longer than rolling on the highway.
  14. it's only a warranty on the engine or something for gelling. it doesn't cover broken a/c or stereo etc. you've really got a new car if it only has 40k for a 5 year model.