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  1. I would agree! The wheelskins looked awesome on my 4Runner, and matched the leather perfectly. Only $40 I think, but a real pain to install. For a replacement wheel, you might want to check out for nearly anything. Most toyota steering wheels are probably the same fitment, but may cost anywhere from $70- $900 from what I've seen. eBay didn't have much to look at, and most had the wood trim.
  2. Well, sounds like I'll have to endure till the temps warm up. This spring I think I'll just tear into the dash and sound deaden everything I can get my hands on. Lots of dynamat, spray foam and sticky felt should do the trick....maybe a really big hammer.
  3. It's been a while since I've been on the site, and recenlty purchased a 97' LX450 after looking forever. This one had been sitting for about a year, and was originally from California. It looks like it has every option, and had about 97k miles when I picked it up. It needed some work, and I ended up changing the battery, plugs, wires, brakes, wheels, tires, fluids, shocks and a couple small things. Next will be the windshield and antenna. Now that it has been in the single digits, and way below freezing, I've noticed some rather anoying rattles, accompanied with a big squeak when I hit a small bump or man-hole cover. Sounds like the dash is rubbing the windshield, or the dash is ready to fall off the truck?? Its too damn cold to take anything apart just yet, but I wanted to see if anyone has encountered this problem?? I did attempt to stuff a piece of black felt between the dash and the windshield to see if it would help, but it didn't (recommended in a toyota forum). Anyway, please let me know if you have any ideas. -Dustin
  4. Sounds like I might just have a squeaky motor on mine then. It seems to only do it during really cold temps. recently, it has been in the single or negative range.
  5. I'm sure the compression is fine, and if it isn't, you may as well run it hard till she dies on you. Why not enjoy it, it's not like your running twin turbo's and nitrous. There isn't much you can do without dropping big dollars. The Lexus version 3.0 is allready tuned up from Toyota.
  6. I don't think the KYB's are stiff at all! I put them on over the summer, and I think they're way to soft. I wish I would have gone with the Tokico's. And even with a discount through a friends car shop, I paid $100 each plus tax. The OEM struts are probably made by Monroe, and they should have a lifetime warranty from the dealer, at least they do at my dealership.
  7. It's not very fair to jump all over K&N filters, when Toyota Racing Development (TRD) as well as many other manufactures make re-usable/washable free-flow filters. I agree that they would allow more air and contaminants in, but not enough to have Toyota pull their TRD filters off the market. For those of us who change our oil frequently, it shouldn't be a problem (no, I do not have my phD in filter technology). However, many of the off-road racers use a pre-filter with the cone style filter to prevent contaminants from building up or clogging the filter. This may be a good option for daily drivers to use if they want the use of the washable filter, and added protection. For the average commuter car, a three horse power difference may not be worth it? It's up to them to decide. For high-performance; A lot of the new intake systems for Turbo and Supercharged applications only offer reusable style filters. TRD superchargers do allow the use of the factory air box, but most I've seen are running the TRD reusable filter. Anyway, this topic is old and I for one am tired of hearing it every few months. There will always be some sort of extreme idea for each side of the filtration argument. If we all listened to what people told us not to do, they we might not do anything at all. ;)
  8. Everyone I know that has run spacers has had vibration issues. Being on the rear only, don't know?
  9. Most of the noise is from the rubber strut mounts. Make sure you replace those at the same time ($63 each). I am not real happy with the KYB's. They are nice, but they can still bottom out very easily. Very soft ride, and there is only one style of KYB for that year. I would rather have bought the Tokico's.
  10. I'm kind of reading this at the end here, but I kind of relate buying a car to the way people practice religion. What I mean is, you don't judge the religion by the people who practice it. In other words, you also wouldn't judge a car on who sells it, or who maintains it. I learned a long time ago that you should buy want you want, even if it may not be in the best circumstances. If you really like it, and it meets all of your criteria- then go for it. However, I for one will not purchase any vehicles from a specific local dealer because of similar dirty practice (same story as you mentioned on the first post of this thread). I agree with some of the other guys- don't let them shy you from a reputable car. Word of mouth goes a long way with bad customer service. Good luck.
  11. SWO3ES: I said Platform! Not drivetrain! I also didn't say they were similar. I know what both vehicles have in them, how they work, and have driven all of them. I heard my information from some friends at Toyota, who are going to verify it. Yes, the substructure is beefier for the heavier engine, and the outer skin is different- though strangely similar in size to the Corolla?? Hmm..... It's possible, no? I will admit my sources have been wrong before.
  12. They'll do anything you want them to, it's all about the Franklin's. Some of the mechanic's don't know the different parts available, and don't want to work with products they don't know. For the most part, I've had better luck doing it at a specialty shop for less money and more experience. My ES mechanic is the same guy and friend who also worked on my Tundra, and Runner. He was all about the aftermarket parts- ARB, Old Man Emu, KYB ...... I gave hime the parts, and he installed.
  13. I don't know how the IS could compete with the TL, when the IS is built on a compact Corolla structure? It's like comparing a Civic and an Accord. Someone is smoking a little crack!
  14. You could have it cleaned off, and clear coat it? The probelm is that the clear just comes off after a while. I would just clean it off, and wax it if it bothers you. For the winter you can take them off to keep the salt off them, or use a rag with some protective coating like WD-40, just don't get it on your rotors.
  15. How did yo post those pic's? I want to give it a try.
  16. I've had the same problem, and want to buy some nice coil-overs. I just don't want to spend any money on it. My car will not hold a load of more than three people without bottoming out (116k miles now). I wish I had the nice air ride on mine! Oh, well! Toyota springs have always been soft??
  17. The new Lexus GT line-up will be coming out soon to compete with other sport models. Unsure of any data released? I like how this guy's point has narrowed down to what the Lexus can't do compared to his car-as if to look for hostility. He knows that Toyota could do it if they wanted to, and that the Lexus ES is simply a very nice comfortable daily driver (designed for an older age group)- not a five speed boy racer. He's had nothing to say about the things we've educated him on. He claimed he was here to see if we were knocking on his loyalty- to which we have all explained our appreciation towards Honda (some still own them) in a very respectable manor. We don't need someone to explain our vehicle stats Vtech, as we know exactly what are cars can do and knew it before we bought them. So what is your objective exactly??
  18. 14.8 is not your time- a proffesional driver maybe. 15.3 is my time at Rocky Mountain RaceWay with a stock 6200lb 4.7 Automatic Tundra at 5000ft (est) elevation and 33" rubber- you do the math for power to weight. Not apples to apples here, but you can see if put into a 3500lb car with a 6 speed what it might do. The so called inferior inline 6 twin turbo (stock)supra is much faster than that (I have no time slips for one, but they were faster than me) - again not apples to apples. Your talk again is cheap, and nothing to back it up but your magazine information. Read or Do?? No times available on the 05' 4.7 yet. This all has nothing to do with the ES? Anyone else want to continue with this- It's like talking to a five year old.
  19. Cleaning/oiling is the same, it's just another cotton gauze washable filter. Price was a little more than the K&N, depending on where you buy it.
  20. Vtech, do you not realize that torque is what gets you up and moving- or "out of the hole." You have to have a good amount of torque for launch, output is not only measured by hp. If you want to state output, you need to use some facts. I can tell you right now, that an old 90's inline six Supra will smoke your honda. I can also garantee my Tundra V8 (15.3 1/4 mile) would smoke your Honda. Why do you also bring up these Honda race engines? Do you know that Toyota also runs V8 race egines (NASCAR), but non of them are going to put any race engines in a commuter vehicle. The new stock 05' Toyota/Lexus V8 has 278 hp, and more than 320 lbft depending on the heads used this year. Also Honda has no LONG TERM testing on any AWD system. The Toyota has had real 4WD bulletproof systems with center diff lock since 90', as well as rear diff lock in many different vehicles. Kicks the sheit out of any Honda AWD system! Now the Nissan Skyline has a nice AWD system, you don't mention that though? Still haven't seen any proof of your "eon's" of technology ahead of anyone else? Where is the proof of the premier engines at? Where is the education we have all been waiting for?? I'm waiting to be iluminated!! I think it's time you go back to where you came from, and tell your Honda buddies we said hello. And watch who you call stupid pal! I like Honda's, as well as many other makers, but I don't believe one or the other to be the best at all- get over it! Who is ignorant here? Hummmm.....
  21. I would suggest to you "vtech", that you talk when you know what your talking about. It sounds like you believe everything people tell you when you don't know any history of it. Do you realize that your Car and Driver/Speed TV knowledge is bias material- Besides the Acura was beaten several time by BMW. It all depends on what your looking for in the car. You seem to be fixated by eval's done by other people. Do you know what other luxery cars were in Japan that didn't make it to the USA besides Honda and Toyota? Do you even know the difference between vtech and vvti, and why would you explain to all these people that it is a limp experiment that is a generation behind Honda? Have you had any engineering/mechanical experience to explain that to us?? What about this whole inferior engine technology? Where do you get this stuff man? Have you not read threads here about some of these Lexus/Toyota engines with over 300K, and some over 500k? How is that inferior? I used to be in a local race team, with a mini-stock running a stock Toyota 4banger with over 400hp normally aspirated which had over 100k before using it with dual weber's. You want to talk trucks, lets GO! For you to say that Honda is making a truck is somewhat of a fallacy. They are taking a Pilot, and putting a bed on it! Not any where near what I would call a truck except for the bed part. They didn't invest much if any R&D to develop this, or to take anything away from their car development. As far as a tired V8, you really have to work on this man! You have no where to go on this! This is the most fuel effiecent V8 on the market, which is labeled as ULTRA LOW EMISION. Honda doesn't have that, or any other manufacturer out there. Where do you get your higher output numbers from? The V8 is also used in the Tundra which can pull 8000 pounds, rated at 315 pound ft of torque (different heads). Your Honda can't do that. Not to mention the new diesel that will go in the new 3/4 ton for 06' which will blow the GM Duramax out of the water- OH ya, it's made by ISUZU not GM. GM bought the Honda Pilot engine to actually sell the Saturn version SUV, instead of loosing sales all together. They also bought Toyota engines for the Geo line. All the manufactures have a hand in just about every other company out there. They have too, to keep sales up and things moving. Don't state your (most advanced) opinion as fact, unless you have something to back it. :chairshot:
  22. Pretty strong words Vtech! Are you sure you have your facts straight? Sounds like opinion to me, and a little more homework is in need!
  23. Two-tone: White Pearl with a metallic silver on bottom.
  24. They won't come off the (MSRP) manufactures suggested retail price at all (usually). It's not a Mitsubishi? No, really- they have a big mark up, and unless you are a dealer yourself, you won't be able to get any kind of real discount (NEW VEHICLE PURCHASE). You may however be able to get some shaved off the STICKER PRICE, which can be up to several thousand markup depending on the make of Lexus and how far into the year it is. THe best month to do it is in August, as the next year is coming in, and they usually may do some kind of cash match program?? They only dealer here in Utah is Larry Miller, and they won't budge an inch- and I'm very experienced in car sales/purchase. In your area you may have some luck, but don't plan on much. The sales people want your money, and know how to get it. Take your time, and give them no room to slide you into anything. You may even want to give them a time limit for the whole transaction. Make sure you have your funding processed ahead of time, as that can where they sneak things in. Don't worry about any of the added services, you can usually take care of those things yourself much cheaper down the road. I would stick with the bigger dealers, as they have the most room to haggle. One of the best I've heard is Longo Lexus as far as price goes. You could buy it there and drive it home if its much cheaper?? Good Luck, I hope that was what your looking for. IF your talking used, then ya- tear it up! You might be able to get a couple thousand off.
  25. If you must know... I bought mine because after owning, and driving just about every make in the past, I found that Toyota has been the best and my personal favorite. I didn't however buy it by choice! I have recently been through a divorce, and my ex took the 4Runner along with everything else. I was left with my dear Tundra which I love, and went to court several times over my daughter etc etc... lost my house etc etc.... Big sob story, but I ended up needing to sell the Tundra recently and had to buy something cheaper, and better on fuel to drive back and forth to California. I wanted a four door Tacoma but they were to much money, and the closest thing without fourwheel drive, and a bed was a Toyota car. I needed something with the same creature comforts, and something I was familiar with to work on and take care of. The Camry's here sucked, and I didn't fit in the Older Runners, or Corolla's. So I looked for an ES 300 because the rear drive GS, and LS were not good in the bad snow here. NOT for prestige! I found many other cars that were faster, funner, more luxurious, and better condition. But I know Toyota's! I love them, and they have been in the family for years. I've always had great resale value, and have close friends that work for Toyota/Lexus, as well as body shops. I know how well they are put together, and look forward to the day I can sell my ES for another Tundra in a couple years. This is a great site, and I've been on similar sites for my other vehicles. We all need a little help every now and then. If it helps some guy save some grief and money, its well worth checking the posts. I think most of the people on this site are so young because of the whole computer fright thing. Many of the older people that have these cars are not always computer savey? Some are, but see a car as simple transportation and will fix it when it breaks. I'm just a truck guy out of my element in need of more car knowledge.
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