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  1. Try pulling the sensor and cleaning it up a bit. Shoot some air in the socket to clean..... and check for loose wire and/or connection.
  2. Ahh, DC........good to be vertical YES (Yoda verbage ) Thanks for the note. Pretty good website for discounted goodies for our LS's......I've got it bookmarked! Only tool needed is a 12mm open end wrench and a stick to hold the hood up :) . After you get the first strut installed, you can remove the stick
  3. Hey guys.......Agent 99 here B) LONG TIME since I've been on the board! I was doing my annual PS FLUID, TRANNY DRAIN work last month and finally decided I was tired of having a stick hold up the hood on my 99. It had been failing since early spring. Anywho, I ordered PART # 612200-98 Strut Hood Shocks from Parts Avenue (off Ebay) and just installed them using a 12mm open wrench - took 15 minutes. No drilling out the old struts, just unbolted both ends from the hood and the frame to remove the old ones, and installed the new ones. Threaded the LOWER portion of the new strut on first, then went up to the hood section to bolt it on. Very easy. $30 plus $6 shipping. Lexus dealer still wants $125 for one strut, and a wheeler dealer price of $90 EACH for a pair -- YIKES! Just a new reminder of an OLD topic here on LOC............. Hope all is well with a bunch of my old buddies! My LS400 has 135K and running well. I think I'll finally put some new Spark Plugs in this month before it gets too cold. Take care and be safe, Agent 99 (99 LS GUY)
  4. Groaning noises are usually associated with low levels of power steering fluid. Are you getting this noise while you're driving and turning, or while you're parked and turning the wheel side to side? If you're parked and doing it, then I don't see how a control arm bushing could have that affect? I would think if anything outside of your pump making that noise could be your outter tie rod ends going bad, but I don't think they would groan, but rather pop. Bushings don't really "groan" as if they're straining, they just pop/bang/crunch/squeek. The guy who installed the rack, is he a Lexus mechanic? I ask because i've heard of specific hoses needing to be used. I've also heard of some kind of pressure valve incorrectly being installed. Honestly, to me, it sounds like your pump groaning to strain. Another thing that could be causing the pump to strain, and probably a likely candidate, is the solenoid in the rack!! It's got that tiny screen in it, and when it get's clogged up, your steering gets heavy. The solenoid opens and closes depending on your speed. The lower the speed, the more open it goes, which allows the pump to assist you more in turning the wheel. If it's clogged up, your pump might not be getting enough fluid in it to be effective, which would cause it to strain, and in the long run, would burn it out. If your new rack is a remanufactored one, then it is QUITE possible the solenoid was never cleaned. If you do a search for the power steering solenoid, you'll see the threads, and some pictures as well. Edit: Here ya' go Bama'! http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...enoid&st=45 I agree with NC211. There may be a lot of air in the system. Get the front wheels off the ground, loosen the PS filler cap, turn the key on (but don't start) and go "lock to lock' with the steering wheel about 4 - 5 times. If it is not better....then go after the solenoid..
  5. The steering mechanism tilt and retract has a plastic gear set. These have been known to get out of alignment due to ........shall I say....a design flaw. DO a search on 'tilt steering column' or similar and you should find a thread showing a fix. A well done tutorial if I remember correctly.....basically involving a shim....and re-lubing....
  6. Harky, My guess is the tranny fluid was NEVER changed in your vehicle til you've done it. I would continue these "drain pan flushs" once a month till you get it clean. When I first got my car - 99LS w/50k - I changed the fluid once a week for 3-4 weeks. NOw it's every other oil change and it's always clean.
  7. A Lexus dealer service writer told me that this is a "feature" of the VVTi engine models beginning in 1998 to prevent valve damage until the engine has warmed up sufficiently -- usually within only a few blocks of driving. There is nothing wrong -- these cars did this in cold weather when brand new. Next time its cold.....take it on up to 2500 rpm..(well, let it idle for for a bit) ....it will shift at this point regardless of engine temp.
  8. GS, Good to hear from you. MY 99LS is up to 92K miles (just a pup!) Recently had the TB - WP and all the goodies replaced........so good to go for another 100K I'm sure. Still a great, smooth ride!
  9. That's a beautiful car CW!! Congrats -- give us a full report on the test drive!
  10. ky, It could be a problem with the pump......but I'd flush is out first. PS flush procedures are well documented on this forum...try a search and see what you get. I use two floor jacks when flushing the PS fluid, I can just turn the steering wheel lock to lock without turning the car on. Do this when filling the reservoir and flushing out the old fluid....you'll see the new stuff coming out the clear tube after about a quart or so... Leave your wheels up also after filling with new fluid to purge the air also.....easy to do. I am a firm believer EVERY fluid in a vehicle should be flushed/serviced every two-three years.
  11. Gene.... You can visually check the Serp. belt tensioner. There are two marks.....A and B. A new belt should be within the A zone, otherwise , the tensioner is bad. Look for cracks in the belt also...... If your not sure the belt has ever been replaced; 12 years and 105 k miles would be a good time to start... The belt is an easy DIY fix = and the tensioner isn't hard either. Now - about that PS fluid....... If it truely has been 12 years.......man - it needs a flush for sure. You can use a small "medicine dropper" to get about 2 oz. out at a time and completely drain the reservoir. Use Dex III tranny fluid - I actually use "max life Dex III tranny fluid". Refill with clean fluid and repeat this about 10 times in the next month or two and you'll see it clearing up. buy 3 quarts and this only take about 15 minutes each time. Much discussion about PS on these LS machines........ I completely flush mine out every 10k miles and its always very clean.
  12. E - When I first got my LS.....I did a tranny pan drain (2 qrt) once every week or two for about 3-4 times......that cleared up the fluid to a nice clean pink and now I do this every OTHER oil change (about 10k interval).... Easy does it on the tranny drain bolt - 15 ft lbs......
  13. Hey forum gurus...... My little 99ls is finally at the 91k mark.......so I'm doing all the fluid, filter change outs.....etc... Well - I just wondering about the "technically correct" placement of the crush washers on the oil, tranny, and diffy plugs ......as if it matters These washers (at least the tranny and diffy) have a FLAT SIDE and a CURVED SIDE. I've always put the CURVED SIDE IN TO THE DRAIN HOLE....allowing the flat side to be pressed against the bolt edge and then tighten up... Just wondering if that's the way they're suppose to go??? (you'd think a guy who changes his tranny fluid every other oil change and the diffy every 15k would notice.......... :chairshot: :P .........) - But I"ll get it straight from now on....... Thanks!
  14. Freak, I've had the castrol 75-90 syn in my 99LS for 3 years now......and 32k miles..........ready to change it out again for the 90k......... no problems.....
  15. Grandpa, go to walmart or similar and get a turkey baster.......actually maybe another one a little smaller..... You can use it to draw the old fluid out. Don't take all the fluid out.....just get it pretty low...then when you push the caliper in the fluid won't make a mess.....
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