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Hey Guys!


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Well...I know alot of you have been curious about how i have been doing, so here i am, im going to update you on alot of things. First of all, Im not hurt, or dead (duh...would i be typing this? :P) and secondly, Meghan (my wife) and I are doing OUTSTANDINGLY well under the extreme circumstances our marriage finds itself in on a daily basis.

I have been promoted, and moved to a different Unit within the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. Im now with 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, Sappers. I'm no longer out in the suck, instead im sitting nice and cozy on camp stryker (BIAP) with internet in my room and cable TV. God i love the army :D. I'm running what we call "IronClaw" missions with the combat engineers, basically, we clear all the roads Within the Brigade AO of IED's, we take a different route every day and do it by random selection. Yes, I have been blown up and yes, I have been shot at, and yes i have shot back. Have I killed anyone? yes. am I proud of it? DAMN RIGHT. It was me or them, and in yesterdays case, it was almost both of us.

I have one rule when it comes to killing the enemy, If you shoot at me or blow me up, and you dont kill me, you are dead. its that simple.

I have recieved a Promotion to E4 (Specialist) in april, with a Promotion Board reccomendation for E5 (Sergeant) in November of this year, so we will see how that goes. We come home in november sometime, we were extended in late april. In addition to my promotion, i have also recieved a Combat Action Badge.

At any rate, ill be on alot more often now, but i wanted you to know that i was ok, and All your prayers and care packages are MUCH appreciated.

Later guys.


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