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  1. how is this thread still going on? lol glass => cabinet
  2. Rx330driver

    Top 10

    1) Aston v8 vantage 2) Bentley Continental Flying Spur 3) LS600H L 4) LS460L 5) S550 6) CL550 7) GS450h 8) IS-F 9) C350 10) IS350 hehe :D
  3. wow the focus is great looking. lol why dont they bring that over here the toyota fortuner isnt that bad either
  4. lol how is this thead still going. ah thats right, the highschool/college drama beginning with young love. btw, the picture above makes me think you got some ideas in your mind ;)
  5. lol woops, kinda late. iono whats up with me...just kinda drifting away from the forum. bleh. happy birthday! i got you a card too, a money holder but decided i wanted a gift too ;)
  6. nope. lol. ethanol really cant make that big of a difference. maybe 1-2 mpg at most. so its not likely the cause.
  7. in that scenario...it depends. if im feeling relaxed that day, i would let him in, cause he does have is blinker on. but, id probably speed up and trap him...man im horrible. lol...and then give him the middle finger ;)
  8. well to be honest...i didnt think he would have a gun. he was a middle aged white man in a mercedes with children and a wife in the car. i was quite surprised he did that infront of his family, or who i thought is his family. his wife didnt even try and stop him. she was just watching. gets me so mad. at the moment, i didnt think he would actually get out of his car.
  9. o0o i had a very dramatic and traumatic experience like a month ago. just thinking about it gets my heart racing again. so if any of you have ever been on the bay bridge, you know the streets that allow you to get onto the bridge are really jammed in the rush hour times. so im waiting patiently in the turning lane (one turning lane is all there is) and im so close to the bridge entrance and i can almost smell the dead seaweed in the bay. all of a sudden this guy cuts everyone behind me on my left hand side trying to cut in front of me. im basically next in turning on the intersection and this guy just keeps inching forward, and im inching forward. HES NOT EVEN SIGNALLING NOR GIVING ME THE FRIENDLY HAND. anyways, at this point, im honking for like 15 seconds non stop...hehe (a nice touch in my opinon)...because then everyone else behind me is honking as well. So im inching forward and hes inching forward and finally he gives up (cause he was in an E class mercedes, and I was in my crappy Sienna) and as i pass him, i give him the middle finger. thats when things turn for the worse. apparently, that really ticked him off cause he got out of his car (traffic jam so i couldnt go anywhere), and came up to my window, and was banging on my glass shouting "OPEN YOUR WINDOW". at this point, my wife in the passenger seat is screaming at the top of her lungs, and im yelling at him to back away from the vehicle. of course i didnt open the window. though a gun might have been nice. lol well, im guessing his punching of my window hurt him more than it hurt my car....hehe.... at this point, this other car from another intersection of the street stops next to us, double parks in the middle of the street, and tells him to get back in his !Removed! car. lol. yay somebody defended me. he was a big guy too, so it must have freaked out the guy at my door. to put the icing in the cake, i let the guy who defended me to get in front of me in the car. haha so i just want to say, even though i was probably wrong to use the middle finger (first time in my life btw in a driving scenario), he deserved it. there are some crazy people out there so beware. ill probably think twice about doing that ever again. and for those who back him up, there was no way he could miss the 100 gazillion signs telling him that the turning lane was for the bay bridge (even if he was a tourist), nor could he ignore the long line behind me. i just want to say what a jack@$$. stay safe guys and thanks for letting me vent.
  10. 1990! thats pretty good. i took a practice test for fun from a friends SAT class and i got it realistcally graded by the sat person. i got a 1950 with a 10 on the essay. lol. thats good enough :) ^^oops i didnt capitalize my "I"s
  11. ...i was embarassed for you guys...while watching it at home :)
  12. ...when i was a kid, we walked to houses...lol and no i didnt dress up. wow orbitz gum girl is very creative. did you just whip that up yourself or did you go out and buy that costume?
  13. wait...so are you saying feeding the poor is bad? im two way parted here. obviously, human suffering is horrible, but your right about over population. all of these precautions we are now addressing to make humans live longer, but what were actually doing is slowly running out of space for everyone. so...STOP BREATHING MY AIR. LOL
  14. in northern cal. its so unrealistic to watch and hear about it on the news. im so surprised its even happening. my long time friend who lives in la jolla has abandoned his home and is now back in SF in his second home. lol
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