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  1. Congrats on the new car, very nice! I agree with the manual shift mode observations.
  2. Probably an overly simple question, but are you sure the battery is charged? When my wife left one of the interior lights on and drained the battery it did the same thing. I regular trickle charger didn't work to charge it, it took (sent by Lexus) AAA's hipower jump starter to get it started.
  3. I would definitely not call the Yaris seats more comfortable, and I have only spent about 5 mins riding in a Yaris. Have you had your dealer check your IS seats? If there is a problem with it they will swap the seat out.
  4. Thanks for the link, that was very helpful! I am happy to report that I have been unable to discern any difference in driving.
  5. Dealer said that doing that does not completely reset the computer. Just relaying what they told me, because I did ask that.
  6. Dealer also made a comment that I took them seriously about not filling it up before bringing it in, it only had a 11mile range left on it when I dropped it off! :)
  7. Salesman probably recommended so that the car 'learns' this driving mode and sets everything around it. I did it the other way, drove super conservatively in normal mode and found that I did not like how it shifted. I took it back, they reset it and I drove it in "power" as it re-learned. Now I like it even out of power mode.
  8. Thanks for the info Nick! Well, my 2008 is350 is there now and since I won't be able to pick it up before they close I got a loaner car overnight. It is a 2010 hs250. I do like the new flip up NAV display and the i-drive'ish controls. Also the voice recognition seems to be improved over mine. However, even in "power mode" this car drives slower than the is at idling in drive. :P Dealer assures me they have done a lot of these upgrades and no one has complained about it impacting the driveability. What sold it for me was that all of the new cars will have the ECM reprogram anyway. Will give a report after I get it back tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the response! If it is as you describe and only when they are both pushed hard then I am ok with the fix. I don't normally do heel/toe driving (actually I never have in the IS) but I am against taking it away. I wish they would make what they are doing a little clearer..
  10. My car (08 IS350) is scheduled for the accelerator pedal refit and an ECM reprogram which supposedly is to shut off the the fuel when the brake is pressed. What I am wondering is if this will effect normal driving? I assume that it will only be if the car is shut off but the dealer hasn't really explained. Anybody know the scoop? thanks
  11. Low is 18mpg (really stomping on it in traffic in town), but high is 37mpg for long trips (seriously--from Seattle to Portland without traffic). Average (mix) is probably about 22-24mpg. Really depends on traffic.
  12. What's weird to me is that early on I remember hearing that there were some non-Toyota cars impacted also; I specifically remember the Ford Fusion being mentioned as using the CTS parts also but there has been little coverage/complaint/media fervor..
  13. I have driving with it on for months now. In town, with traffic I actually get better gas mileage. But, I have noticed that on the freeway (after merging and settling in with traffic) I get better gas mileage with it off. I think ETC holds the RPMs up higher, even in 6th gear. Not a lot though, probably .5 - 1.0 mpg difference depending on distance. Maybe the longer the trip it would increase though, I only commute about 20 miles, and the commute back is bumper to bumper. Definitely snappier shifting in town with it on though without requiring you to really hit the accelerator hard. I like it. regards
  14. I have noticed that the car does a pretty good job of not letting you damage it (at least engine-wise). Not like buying a used Mustang GT and wondering about the previous owner :)
  15. I'd be willing to sign a waiver or no liability statement to get the feature to roll everything up. No kid and my lab doesn't ride in the IS.
  16. I was told by my dealer that the Japanese-built cars do not use the pedal part (built by CTS) under the recall. This included my IS and my friends Yaris (apparently his was built in Japan). And despite anti-Toyota hoopla some U.S. brand cars are included.
  17. IME it will only let you hit/pass redline for a second before correcting. I am no expert but it should not cause any damage (or else it should've shifted sooner) and the car is pretty good at not letting you damage it.
  18. Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately, it got pretty low and I was far from the dealer so I stopped at a local Schwab. They patched it but warned it may not hold. Boo. Hopefully it will for the time being.
  19. I just had my IS aligned at Firestone after purchasing tires online. I bought their lifetime plan for $149. I got the same plan for my Honda about 5 years ago and it's sweet to be able to take the car in for a check or whenever you buy new tires knowing there's no additional cost for an alignment. With the cost of a single alignment around $70, the plan on the Honda has paid for itself over and over. Hell, Lexus wanted $157 for a one time deal. A good recommendation. I was wondering about that since Lexus was a little spendy for an alignment.
  20. Glad you found it. I was going to add that the learning button on my Genie looked nothing like they described in the instructions. In fact, didn't even really look like a button. Took me a while to find it too :)
  21. If you want any of the dealer addon stuff turn it down. Then later in the process (even after you have bought) you can negotiate a lot off the price. Same story as above with the LoJack.
  22. Ok, so one of my tires is consistently losing pressure. Probably went over something :( Is it ok to take it to somewhere like Les Schwab/Discount Tire for checking/patching or is it something that I am going to want to take to the dealer?
  23. Ok, when I got the 350 earlier this year there was no road noise. Mid-year I noticed a little bit of whistling around the window at highway speed, but the road had to be flat (hahaha...not much of that around here), no rain (good luck here) or traffic (again haha). I took it to the dealer and they said they couldn't duplicate the problem. It could only be heard on the driver's side not the passenger. Well, now I can hear it pretty much all of the time as long as the above conditions are met. Everytime I bring the car there are not ideal conditions so I don't have them check. Opinions? Is this normal, or should I definitely have it checked? I bothers me that the passenger side is still perfect.... thanks
  24. Big trip for us was from Seattle to Napa Valley, CA. Actually made use of the Lexus concierge services for free tastings at a couple of wineries. Trunk on the 350 is definitely small. Had to strap the luggage into the back seats to make room in the trunk. :)
  25. I actually haven't had any problems since I stopped messing around in the service menus...(trying to get the bluetooth to work better with my phone)..
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