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  1. Yeah, I know how rough it is to wait for your order to come in. Here's my black/cashmere 350
  2. Hmm, I went through my manual set and there's no such card. I know what you're talking about though. AAA Auto used to offer those. But I didn't get one from Lexus. to say simply, i belive it can start the car. It should be inside that fatty leather manual holder. It should be in one of the slots, and its a back up key. It can unlock the car and star the car also. The pop out key can insert into the ignition, and then you have to hold that credit card size thing next to the ignition and then turn the key. Its a backup, ur not suppose to use it regularly and you should have one.
  3. I would be all over this, except for the fact that you have to take your dash apart. Plus, it may void the car's warranty?
  4. I have hooked up my iRiver mp3 player and my PDA to the AUX jack. The sound quality is perfectly fine. I know that if you connect your player to the power jack at the same time (to charge) you get a ground loop and get very bad sound. You either need to not connect the power when listening or get a 12v car adapter for your player that also isolates. There is another very nice solution for iPods: This company sells a device that interfaces the iPod to the NAV screen. It does requires that you pull the entire NAV/Audio system so you can plug in their cable. Plus it's
  5. I had the "clear bra" installed right after I took delivery. My previous car, a BMW really suffered bad from stone chips. I had the BMW for 7 years (silver in color) and it was so bad, it looked like somebody had sprinkled salt on the bumber. My new IS is black and I was determined not to have this happen again. The Lexus dealer contracts this out with a special installer. They installed it on the front bumper, the front 12" edge of the hood and fenders. Plus they put it on the front edge of the mirrors, and even the top part of the rear bumper that is just below the trunk opening. Prices vary
  6. I don't see any way a device plugged into the Aux port could drain the battery withthe car off. The audio system is shut down. I have used the "Fast-Trak" transponder here in the SF Bay area without any problems. I have the transponder sitting on the dashboard. I don't have it fixed to the windshield as I hate the look of it.
  7. Depends on who you want to believe. Lexus originally stated 5.6 Then Car & Driver's review stated 5.3, so Lexus started quoting that time. But I have also read another review (I think it was R&T) that gave a 5.4 time
  8. Yeah, I know about the pedal & parking brake dance. But come on, who's going to do that everytime you start the car?
  9. I have done a lot of test driving with the 325i manual. The inside ergonomics of the BMW was a little lacking. As stated above the interior of the Lexus is much nicer. I had a lot of trouble shifting in the BMW with the high center console getting in the way of my right elbow. Really annoying. Plus, the iDrive is such a bad design. I wanted NAV in my new car and the BMW version was sadly lacking compared to the Lexus interface and features. But I am also 6' tall and I find the back seat room in the Lexus very tight. If someone wants to sit behind my drivers seat, they better be less than 5' t
  10. Congratulations. I ordered a black/tan with NAv. The dealer also told me 6-8 weeks. In fact it got here in 3 weeks (took delivery last Thursday). Hopefully, yours will arrive early also. :P Love to see some pix when you take delivery, Congrats on the purchase
  11. Congratulations! I just took delivery of my IS350 on the 19th. Now I just need to get past this break-in period. Good Choice, Congrats
  12. This is from the Accerssories section of the Lexus website. From this angle though, you can't really see the ugly seam between the trunk & spoiler. Sure would like to see pix of that spoiler.:whistles:
  13. Ahh, jeese. This is not good. I went to another Lexus dealership and just put a deposit down yesterday for a 350. I specifically asked them about this lip and they said it was only an option and they were unaware of any cars coming in with them automatically. The lip is shown in the Lexus Accessories pamplet. It's not that big, it's just that it doesn't look like an intergrated or factory installed spoiler. It looks like the ones that are glued on with a very noticable seam. I don't know. If my car comes in with one of these I may tell them they can keep their car.
  14. Placed my order today for an IS350 with Prem Package, 18" wheels and Navigation. Black with tan interior. They are estimating 6-8 weeks. I want to thank all the people here who have helped with my questions (specially Bartkat). Thanks.... javascript:emoticon(':P', 'smid_13') smilie
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