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  1. I know about that, but i actualy saw the needle gauge going past 6500rpm where the red zone begins, and the computer changed the gear at about 6700rpm or 6800rpm which is in red zone.
  2. I have 2010 IS350, Today as i was in power mode i have noticed for the first time a red circle in the tach gauge and the engine went close to 7000rpm(just a bit under) in the second gear. Is this dangerous for the engine and did it happen to anybody, please i am worried since the car has only 2500km. I tried it again and the car changed the gear at 6500rpm, exactly where the redline is. I have no idea how the computer alowed it to cross into red zone, not by much but for sure up to 6900rpm. Can anything happen to the engine please respond if you know Thank you!!
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