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  1. The 2011 IS350 AWD doesn't count? :whistles: Enjoy your new ride! Too late! I'm guessing I would still prefer the Audi, but my old IS350 gave up very little on the luxury side compared to the more expensive Audi. Hopefully Lexus updated their Nav/music system since I bought mine in '06. My car had only one aux channel that could be used for satellite OR iPod. Mine came with XM radio installed and there was no way to hook up my iPod. The Audi system lets me have both, the iPod interface is good and there's a dedicated connector and pouch for the iPod in the glove box. Also, the nav system
  2. I found a lot to like about my 2006 IS350, despite the fact that the service department at Lexus of Northborough managed to put the rear wheels on the front front of the car while doing rotations on two separate service visits. But I had issues: 1, suspension too soft and steering feel completely opaque; 2, overly intrusive skid and traction control; 3, inability to get up my steep driveway in the winter, despite a 17" wheel and Blizzak setup; 4, headaches with the TPMS every time I switched back and forth between winter summer wheels. So this spring I traded up for a 2010 Audi S4. It's in a
  3. I bought aftermarket 17" Bobert wheels and Bridgestone Blizzak tires and I usually put two bags of ice melter in the trunk at the back corners. Still unable to get out of my steep driveway with even very light snow. I'm looking at Audi S4 or Infiniti G37x as alternatives.
  4. Duh, I hadn't thought of that! That's why l like forum. No doubt Lexus markup for these Lexus parts is huge. When I do major suspension stuff on the race bike (RS125) I take it GMD Computrack who have a database of optimal geometry and settings. No idea how I'd do this with the car, but presumably there are some shops in the Boston exurbs that might know what they're doing and get it done a lot cheaper than Lexus. Thanks!
  5. First time back on the forum since I bought my IS350 in 2007 and I'm checking to see if anyone has experience with the F-sport suspension bits. I'm liking the IS quite a bit for real world driving (I have a GSXR750 for other world), but the Lexus does suffer from lack of steering feel and a bit too much body roll. Thinking about installing the F-sport dampers, sway bars and rear brace but not the lower springs when the car hits ~60K miles next year. I realize that dropping the cg would help with body roll but I live in NE and have to deal with winter. I don't want to lower the body and us
  6. I had the dashboard rattle in my '07 IS350. Took it into Lexus of Watertown (MA) who said they'd never heard of this problem (I hadn't been checking this site), but they fixed it under warranty. On the way home I found the dashboard was fixed but I had a brand new rattle, this time a sort of metallic sound which seemed to be coming from the steering wheel assembly. Took it to Lexus of Northborough who found that the problem was the knee panel under the steering wheel. I guess the Watertown crew took that apart and didn't get back together properly. Glad it's fixed but disappointed in Lexu
  7. One word of caution about tire pressure sensors. Living near Boston the first thing did for my '07 IS350 was buy aftermarket 17" wheels and Bridgestone Blizzaks for the winter at Direct Tire, which is a generally reputable shop. All went well until I had to put the summer wheels/tires back on when the TMPS "check system" warning came on. It turns out that the TMPS codes for Lexus are proprietary and unavailable to non-Lexus shops, and I had to go to Lexus for a service visit in order to wake the sensors up. The car comes with capacity to store two sets of codes that you can easily switch be
  8. My IS350 gets about 1 mpg better than the computer estimate. With gas prices near $4 and a really boring exurban commute, I've been working on efficiency. Without resorting to hairball techniques I can get 25 mpg on a 50 mile commuting loop with 25 stoplights and an average speed of 30 mph. Not bad considering 300 hp on tap for those rare occasions when it can be used.
  9. I'm glad you started this thread as I'm thinking about F bits for my '07 IS350, but probably not until the stock shocks need replacing. I'll pass on the louder exhaust that probably doesn't add power, but I'd like to improve the handling and the brakes if the price isn't prohibitive. Better tires usually give the most bang for buck, but even at moderate pace my car has too much body roll. The brakes are reasonably effective but a bit spongy. The biggest deficit, compared to the class leading BMW 3 series, is the steering feel and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an F-sport fix for that.
  10. Living in New England I bought 17" wheels and Bridgestone Blizzak tires from Direct Tire as soon as I picked up my '07 IS350 at the end of last winter. The Direct Tire people were unable to program the second set of sensors for the winter wheels, so I had to get that done at the Lexus dealer. Evidently Lexus keeps OEM specific apparatus for this job strictly in house. I had no problem with the winter set up after that, and no problem when the summer wheels/tires were put back on at Direct Tire in the spring of '07. The car permits two sets of pressure codes, which should be a good thing. Ho
  11. I bought 17" winter wheels and tires for my '07 IS350 at Direct Tire (Natick, MA). We discovered that the Lexus has not made the programming equipment available to independent shops, so I had to take it to Lexus of Watertown where they programmed the sensors for $100.
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