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  1. That's a clean car! Is this white or silver?
  2. well actually the car is being offered by the lexus dealer and the history reports says all the services were done by Lexus. That's why I'm pretty confident about the maintainance. I just need more opinion to convince myself lol
  3. Is that risky though? Well the car was owned in Columbus, OH. I assume people in OHio drive calmer than Cali maybe? :P Is there any chance for the car to be a public "rental" car instead of company's car. What I mean it was used for a rent like in enterprise, budget, etc instead for company's executive business trip. Thanks heaps for your thoughts guys
  4. I'm currently looking for a used 2008 LEXUS IS250 AWD. I found one that I'm interested in but unfortunately it's registered as Corporate fleet vehicle. The car has 14K miles and seems that the car has good records (service 3 times 5000, 9000, 14k miles). The thing that worries me, is it OK to buy a corporate fleet car? I realize the interior and exterior won't be as clean as a private own car. Some people say that people who drive a corporate fleet car wouldn't take as much care as if his own car. He knows that he's going to get rid of it in a year or two which logically make sense. On the
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