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  1. Here's some interesting information about "mismatched" tires on AWD vehicles...
  2. driving habits will do more than any mod you can do to the car. Common sense...starts and stops...slowly, conservatively. Keep tire pressure up, but with tpms, thats easy. Maybe a K&N filter. But really, the way you drive will do way more than any "mod". FWIW, our 09 IS 250 AWD consistently gets 27 to 29, with more on a trip...they really can be very economical cars!!!
  3. Man, that is very poor of the dealer to just let it go like that. Doesn't sound like the car threw any codes, so the fuel problem would be suspect. Let us know how it works out...
  4. I'd like to know which companies they were...problem is in no way unique to Toyota. Not sure why they are getting the brunt of government inquiry. It didn't help hearing how they handled some of the complaints though...
  5. As has been stated before, Toyota is only the latest in a long line of SUA (Sudden Unintended Acceleration) issues. S-U-A, they refer to it as, it's that common. A fairly exhaustive article on the subject : I never had this problem in my '66 VW bug. But the accelerator cable did break every now and then...I carried a spare, clutch cable too.
  6. I think we have too. Just an observation my friend. I did say a "little" easier.
  7. A little salt in the wound... No doubt people are scared. They want to dump their cars and American automakers are making it a little easier for them.
  8. Perhaps a better link...
  9. At first I just thought it was the floormats. Then I read more about the mysterious acceleration problems in a number of cars, and realized it was more than the floormats. Now, we have Toyota making this unprecedented move... It's costing them hundreds of millions of dollars. Will it start showing up in Lexus automobiles too?
  10. WOW! Very nice. I always loved the quickness of that car, and I'm sure yours even more so! So do you race it? Looks more like a show car...
  11. Just put some Falken Ziex ZE-912's on my Subaru. Seems like a great value. Haven't had enough snow this winter to really test them out in the snow, but otherwise, I"m liking them after 6K or so. I see you have a wife had two of those, prior to her two IS's ( she buys cars in two's I guess...) any mods on that Volvo? I really liked that car! She had a 2000 and an 03.
  12. I'm from the Seattle area as well. Can I ask which dealer?
  13. OEM tires...Potenza RE92's. I know on the Subaru forums for years guys with WRX's have said how crappy these tires are. They came stock on the WRX's as well as other Subaru's. I've had nothing but good luck with them. Don't drive as "spirited" as I used to, but even in the snow on my Subaru they've never let me down. Common sense is a great thing!
  14. ^^^dc is right on. Without seeing the car, it sounds like it was maintained well. Just look it over carefully. Maybe bring a friend who you know has an eye for detail. But really, buying an 08 with low miles is really a smart buy! Let us know how it turns out!
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