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  1. Name: Ralph A. Feldes Rank: FTG1 (E6) Tech Support Nuclear Submarines 8 Years FBM Boomers Branch: US Navy Underwater Job: East Coast Certification Nuclear Torpedo Fire Control Officer for the Atlantic FBM fleet Years of service: 8 Assignments:Rota Spain Numerous Schools Currently recovering in Louisiana from a flood in my home from Hurricane Ike........being underwater still......Sucks.
  2. Thanks Rob and the rest, Seems like De Ja Vu and none the less, these years wear on us. Not one to complain, lol, Steve, Love you Guy ;) we just came back tonight and yes Lake Charles was spared but my dumb !Removed! went to Shreveport and the "Hammer", NC, would be "proud" as I had to find a chain saw to cut a path from a fallen tree back to the "safe" cabin outside of Shreveport. That was deserving ...running to be found. Trying to save a 90+ year old and his 90++ girlfriend only to find myself in deeper crap than the solitude I left in Lake Charles. Just a blow here in Lake Charles, as I understand. You can run but you cannot hide. Lesson learned ? Think not, it was a mandatory evacuation and I knew the reasoning and it included the safety of the volunteers and emergency personel who stayed behind to insure the safety of our property and less fortunate. Tough call, these hurricanes and a lot of great community and governmental efforts to insure the safety of all since the lessons we learned from Katrina and Rita here in Louisiana. Blake was on the side that got burned and I hope he chimes in soon. Lost three cats in the last six months and have one left that I took with me. That would be my old Avatar "Winston" the Karate Kid. Needless to say he was happy to come home and I say this gently and with care.. he was glad to come back here safe, as the last two left in cages and did not come home due to kidney failure and maybe too may kisses by Dad. Winston came home in his cage safely. Blake let us know how you are my good friend. Once again, Thank you, my friends, it means a lot, sincerely, Ralph
  3. A perfect example of why it is not allowed...............
  4. Good on ya Blake... A handsome automobile and I know you, of all people will take care of her, him or it..... A lucky car..
  5. Unless you have the ultra..without the pass through..I would suggest pulling down the rear armrest, opening the inside pass through and forcefully opening the trunk side pass door and retrieving your key.
  6. Not normal...........try spraying some contact cleaner from Radio Shack up into the tilt switch and working it a few times.
  7. Blinking light means the compressor is shutting off due to a failing compressor, usually, or low freon due to a leak. On and off/ intermittant, is indicative of bad bearings in the compressor affecting the rpm sensor from the compressor which shuts the ac down. Reving the engine will sometimes overcome the bearing problem but it is a matter of time and damage from shavings being dispersed throughout the entire system. This calls for an evaporator change and pulling a vacuum on the entire system when replacing the compressor..
  8. Dr J, That is my carport with an 06 S600 V12 and My 08 Ls460..And of course my 47 GMC Rod. I find myself in agreement with you as to the MB... a Class ride. The 460 has most of the MB amenities less the 520HP and handling. The 47 has the rumble to stop your heart and the LS has the attitude of reliability. I favor all three and agree with your assesments. If I could figure out a way to blend the three, then there would be a fine driving machine. And of course the Smoker is my pride and joy..Oklahoma Joe. :D
  9. At first it seemed like Obama's platform and then I realized it was serious and asked myself how he, obvious by the shadow, managed to drag his balls through the holes along the way... ;) Never had a death wish like that!!! Good one DC..........
  10. Yes it's true that pits on the windshield will not come off as per SK, but as NC said Rain-X helps alot. It seems to help fill up the pits. I live in an area with lots of pine trees and in the heat they spray a fine mist of tar very similar to pits. That is where the clay bar comes in. Have not tried the Mr. Clean.
  11. Probably should go to the Detail forum but I've found the clay bar works best on the windshield. Also, if you have watermarks on the side windows "bar tenders keeper" is the best. Shine on...
  12. Does not sound good....seems you have your bag stuck in the lock mechanism. Since you have an L series, I assume you have no pass through with a rear AC. See your Lexus Dealer is all I can say. Good luck. Makes me more careful.
  13. Please keep in mind I am not flaring on the 460 as It is the best so far, Seating is superp, M/L is one hundred % improved. If you like Bass and I am a fan. Dash and cabin lighting is much cleaner and overall the paint, hand sanded twice, is superior. Ride is a bit stiffer on the corners and the transition is a pleasing compromise, IMHO. I am complaining about the tires and not the vehicle. The flagship is alive and well. I am positive all my reservations will be resolved with the correct tires. As I stated earlier, why the tires? Easy to resolve, a few 180's and poof. New tires and another happy owner. ;) Drive on.............
  14. I'm with you Blacktop, had those cars and can't say i did not enjoy them, but in my older age I like my cars, like my women and wine..... soft, slow, mellow and steady all the better and so does my body. ;)
  15. Easy to say Blacktop, ;) and very observant, by the way, but you would expect Lexus to do the homework and equip the flagship accordingly to their devoted fans. I did not have time for tire school but have learned a lesson, albeit discouraging for us "baby" boomers. I did not even think of looking at the tires when I leased. I assumed Ls's were meant to be on Michelins or something found to be superior. All my past Ls's were on Michelins. Never considered such a foobar. I know, there will be a hundred pundits making auspicious statements to and fro, but as for me, there is a difference in the handling and ride. I expected the same ride or better on my 460 and now I understand a portion of the puzzle. I am older and know the younger expect the road handling capabilities so I say buy a BMW to bounce your !Removed! down the road. Yes, the Bridgestone's are harder, noisier and more sporty. As for me, give me the "baby" safe Michelins. :D These "Bridge-Stones", and I understand the analogy, are going on my swamp buggy.
  16. Have you tried pushing down on the trunk while turning the key?
  17. Congratulations!!!! Pick the wheels "you like" as you have to live with them.
  18. Pull out the seat storage drawer and you should see the filter is behind it.
  19. Yes, they are just barely okay, but a far cry from the Michelins. They feel like balloons over certain terrain, you know that "boing" sound. I'll let some air out and see. Yes, "*BLEEP*ey" for a 74k auto. Softer ride and lower fuel mileage, lower miles, by lowering the pressure. Why? Lexus, check on your tire recommendation engineers and lose Bridgestone.
  20. My car is a Boy... :D I just make sure it gets extra wax after a wash. Would not protect me from shotgun blasts from a pickup anyways. :whistles:
  21. Ditto on the Turanza EL42 as I have them and they are harsher than my Michelens on my old 02 430. Avoided a little dog the other day and the car slid like a sled. Look forward to replacing them.
  22. RX...Love ya and see the humor..In all honesty. Nothing wrong with touting the greatest car ever made less the model T, the "infamous" and greatest attestmant to automobile handcrafted excellence, whoops..... lost myself.. Snob... maybe... smart, bet your A**. I, for one, boast about Lexus if asked. Might be my collection of 6 "redneck" Lexus hats. LOL, A car to be proud to own as much as my 47 GMC. Just as in life sometimes you make the right choices..but experience is the best teacher. I really have owned a "lot" of cars. Toot em, why not. JD Powers says they are the best. Now if I could just find a JD Powers woman... :D that would be Cool...
  23. I will check my manual tomorrow but something tells me synthetic on the 460. I'll report back tomorrow.
  24. My understanding is that synthetics are good for 10k miles. Even so, I change mine at 6-7k. Mine is due, in a couple of months, for a free 5k service with oil change.
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