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  1. I hope everyone had a good Veteran's day. I spent that day in the Hospital with my Dad who is a retired E-9/Navy.
  2. Nellis is OK. been living here for 10+ years now.
  3. Japanese parts is located at the End of Lamb Blvd has all kinds of parts for Lexus and Toyota. You can get all the parts you need from there. Good luck Thanks. I will have to check them out.
  4. I am having an issue with my driver side window. I repaired the broken wire in the wiring harness and it and the master control switch. So now the window will go up and down partially. The window comes about half way down and for some reason the aft part of the window seems to stop and the front part of the window will go down a little bit more. I don't see anything in the way of the track or what it could be catching on to prevent it from going all of the way down. The motor sounds find and is NOT making any noises so I don't believe that it could be a motor. It just acts like it is hanging
  5. IMO neither candidate is worthy of the votes so I will sit this election out.
  6. I think that Obama has a commanding lead of McCain and IMO Obama will more than likely win overall.
  7. Has anyone converted their Lexus to run on E85 Ethanol?
  8. I can do it all but not a fan of electrical work.
  9. 4K. I have replaced the master control switch and fixed 2 broken wires. Now I am looking for a drivers side window regulator and motor to get it fixed.
  10. Only if they had the drivers door window regulator and motor.
  11. Looks awesome. I am looking for a bronze set.
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