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  1. Sorry. Just got here. In the future you could try this: Go to Start/Run and type in... sfc /scannow Make sure that you put a space in front of the slash or you'll get an error message. After the scan finishes the applet just goes away unless a problem is found. A corrupt or replaced file gets replaced from the backup stored in the Dllcache folder or from the Windows CD. If Windows File Protection cannot locate the correct file, it prompts you for the location. The windows cd is a must for replacing these 'lost' system files. You can do some additonal research and find command switches here:
  2. That pic will probably prove to be the low water mark. What part of the country? Not near NoVa or DC I'll wager. We're still at about 1.87/reg and it just dropped from 1.99. Mid grade is $2.01.
  3. Hope it's a fun one for ya, and as always, Cheers! :cheers::cheers:
  4. Late to the party as usual, but anyway. Hope it was a good one.
  5. Our prayers are with you Army. Cancer is never trifling, no matter how early caught, or 'benign'. Just be thankful it was caught early. Watch out for those Army 'scapel jockeys' tho. Never have heard much good about 'em. Put pressure on him in a subtle way, let him know people are watching, and will eval his performance and make a stink, if need be. Otherwise you're just another operation. Good luck, and keep us posted. God Speed.
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