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  1. If you have the sound of loud clicking, the fuse won't help. The amp is bad. The fuse tool, as I recollect, is in a fuse box under the hood. They don't tell you that, but you do need one to extract a fsue.
  2. For those affected/interested: http://www.scpr.org/news/2010/05/21/toyota-voluntary-recall-certain-lexus-ls-460-and-l/
  3. Don't listen to lud music, but my amp had to be replaced at 33,000 in my 07 LS460L as well, under warranty. Service writers knew what the issue was immediately. Took 3 days to get the part and I drove a loner becaseu the noise will drive you batty.
  4. FWIW, on my 2007 LS 460L, I had two tires replaced prior to 10,000 miles due to nails in the sidewalls. From that point on, all of the Tauranza EL42 Originals performed well up to 36,000 before I traded the car on another 460L. Those EL42 wre not as smooth or quiet as the new 19" wheels on the 2010, and I ran them 36 to 38 psi for perceived comfort. On the new one I bought replacement warranties on both the wheels and tires due to my experience with having to replace two of the old ones. Time will tell if it is worth it, but there is a lot of real estate on a tire not covered by the original warranty. Anything outside of the tread markings. quote name='Archie' date='16 December 2009 - 06:14 PM' timestamp='1261016063' post='396062'] Our LS460 is just coming up 2 years old. Only 21000 miles and has never been back to the dealer. Gas millage is unreal. Gets up to 35 mpg on the highway at 70+. However the Dunlop OEM tires just wore out.Chunks of rubber are peeling off. I can't believe a car of this caliber would be sold with such junk. Got a quote from Tire Rack of over $1000. That would be an annual cost of $500 + for tires./ Not for me. So I bought a weird tire I'm not familiar with, Hankook . They seem to get good reviews but I know nothing. Paid $600 installed. Hope this works out. What length of tire life do you get? Our old LS 400 never had a problem with tires but it did eat ball joints.
  5. I received and installed the new replacement carpet mats yesterday which were a diferent cut and fit than the ones supplied in the trunk. The ones in the trunk were for the 460 rather than the 460L. The parts person at the dealship knew the issue right away. The mats for the 460 and 460L are not interchangeable. If you have the plush carpet mats as part of your package, install the drivers side first. This is where the mismatch of the eyelets and the floor anchors is obvious. I looked at several other new 460L's in the dealership. They also had the wrong mats in the trunk. So I anticipate others having this issue as well. Thus the follow up.
  6. Has anyone else faced this. The premium car mats that presumably came from the factory seem to be green rather than black, and the drivers side eyelets do not match the position of the floor connetors. Did I just get the wrong mats?? And why were they not installed by the dealer, but left to the customer to install.
  7. Traded a 2007 LS 460L for the 2010 exactly the same model, color and equipment. Car is noticbly quieter, including both the engine and the wind. And smoother--perhaps due to the change in tires. The 07 had harmonic vibrations of the center console which they fixed, and came with a misaligned rear trunk deck which was easily realigned. The car needed new brakes pads at 12,000 miles, but when repaced with what I perceived were upgraded pads, the replacements went till the lease expired at 36,000. I finally convinced them to fix the harmonic vibrations after 18 months which they were able to do so with a 6 hour repair. The 2010 has none opf these issues. I did not think it would be such an upgrade, but it was. For those who are wondereing, the old one came off lease, and they offered me a very good deal on the replacement, which I purchased, or I would have bought the old one as it was operating flawlessly and with all bugs worked out. Three tires needed to be repaced for sidewall damage from nails and such, so with the new 2010 I took the wheel and tire replacement warranty. We will see how that works out. I had the problem in my 08 and had the door seal replaced (it had a small warp in it). AFter replacement the wind was gone. This was on the drivers side only.
  8. I've used Costco (Atlanta) gas in my 2007 LS460 for over 2 years with no problems. I'm sure that Costco qualifies all of its vendors and that they purchase gasoline only from reputable sources. Gasoline is a commodity that is highly regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Here's the link: http://www.epa.gov/oms/fuels.htm If your dealer lays the blame on "cheap" Costco gasoline, I think he is passing the buck. Ditto here, but I am in LA. Agree with your commments on quality control. Costco seems to have more than most. Hecht, they even have people to clean up spills at the pump. Their vehicles are always spotless, the equipment up to date, and all seems like a first class act to me. They sell the stuff so fast, that it is difficult to blame condensation in the tank or something of that nature. It is of course possible to get a bad load, but that ought to pass very quickly. Easy to tell. Fill up elswhere, then again at Costco and see if it makes any difference. Chicago will still have some cool morniings left over the next few weeks.
  9. I've used Costco (Atlanta) gas in my 2007 LS460 for over 2 years with no problems. I'm sure that Costco qualifies all of its vendors and that they purchase gasoline only from reputable sources. Gasoline is a commodity that is highly regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Here's the link: http://www.epa.gov/oms/fuels.htm If your dealer lays the blame on "cheap" Costco gasoline, I think he is passing the buck.
  10. :o Why would want it to do that. Just asking. Would you always want the trunks to open together, the windows to go up and down, the cars to both unlock, lock, etc. Unless you had a key fob where you could selt one or the other cars, like a tv remote that controls the CD, TV Tivo, all on the same unit.
  11. My LS 460 was brought in for an air conditioner filter (turned out that they did not reset the switch when they replaced it 1500 miles ago), and for the fuel line replacement campaign. While performing this work, they found a radiator leak, and wanted to repace the radiator under warranty. However, I was told that there are no radiators for this vehicle in all of North America, and in fact, I was told that it would be two weeks just to know when the part might be available. Anyone else experienced this level of service recently?
  12. I deflated each tire a little and then reinflated while watching the display and was then able to write down the sequence correctly. Too much trouble for me. When one gets below 30 or alarms, I fill em all. To 36. I tried several presssures, and this felt the most comfortable to me. If one varies a lot from the others, I go look at the tires physically, and (gasp) even measure them with a gauge, if necessary. It is usually not hard to tell. I am sure they will update this system in the future, but it has worked for me for the past 18K, and I have had to replace two (yuk) tires for nails during this time. In neither case did I need to change the tire before I drove back to the dealer, and in both cases the tire was low, but not undrivable for several miles. In one case I thought the nail was a small tack, removed it, realzed that it was 3 " long, put it back in its hole to stop the hissing, and drove to the dealer. The tire measured about 29 # on the dash. So the system seems to work reasonably well. I thought the tires might be defective, but fellow readers correctly concluded that I was just unlucky. And so far I have lost no others, so they are probably correct. You may have to remid the service department to fill the spare. If they forget, it will read odd compared to the ones they remember. It is hard to fill the spare becasue it is int he trunk under stuff, but it is a necessary part of servicing. By the way, they do vary in pressure depending on whether they are cold or not. Filling them to 36 on a cold day, and then driving on the freeway may boost them above that pressure.
  13. 12,000 miles 460L, Las Vegas to Marina Del Rey, 1 stop, four passengers, full trunk. 28 mpg over all. 285 miles. For the first two hours we averaged 30.5 mpg with radar following engaged. Then changed drivers, and the 2nd driver did not use the radar following feature. Only gets 14 mpg in LA traffic.
  14. I brought the car in for brakes at 14K, and they were needed--they turned the front rotors, rplaced the pads, and then noted that the car pulled to the right, so they did an alignment. When I picked up the car, it did pull to the right, and drifted to the right even if I did not brake. But when I did apply the brakes, just before stopping, it was most apparent. However, over the course of the next day, the problem seemingly resolved. I attribitue this to working in the brake pads for a more even grab, side to side, even though I know the hydrolics are supposed to do that. The steering still drifts, but sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left which I think is related to the tilt of the roadway. I have not had a chance to take it on the freeway to see how it tracks at higher speeds, but I am planning to do so.
  15. FWIW, I just had the rotors turned and the front pads replaced at 14,000 miles. I baby the car, so it is not overuse. Was 'repaired' under warranty, as it should be. Seems like a design defect to me that brakes go so quickly that they do in the rotors as well.