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  1. I tried again and it took about 4 tries to make it happen again. There are no engine codes I have a 1991 LS
  2. I had to get to work...I was already running late.
  3. Morning everyone, This morning I was trying to get on the interstate, and a truck was in my way. So, I pressed the power button and mashed the gas so I could hit the kick down switch. Instead of getting the passing power I got a CEL "trac off" and "trac" lit on my instrument cluster. I drove about 10 miles to work at 70-80mph with all 3 lights lit up. When I exited the interstate, the CEL and "trac off" light went off. The "trac" light stayed lit till I turned off my car. Anyone got a clue on what could be causing this? Also once the CEL comes on shouldn't it stay on till the matter is resolved?
  4. I bought the car, the idle issue was the coil pack. All my needles light up properly and i have some burnt bulbs (seat heater switches, bulbs behind climate lcd) and I only paid $3500 for the car. Runs great and is a beauty.
  5. Sounds like your amp is going out. Is the amp under the CD changer?
  6. Hey everyone, I have a 91 LS with the Pioneer system. I recently purchased the car and I am noticing when I go into CD mode I only hear sound out of the pass side of the car. When I toggle the balance from left to right I hear only the deepest of bass notes coming out of the left side. I hear sound out of all speakers when I am in the radio mode. Also my sub is not functioning in any mode. Could all of this be amp related or should I look elsewhere?
  7. Just wanted to give everyone an update and solution to my problem. It turned out the coil pack on the driver's side went out. I thought they had changed both packs, but it turned out they only replaced the one on top of the engine. Changed pack and again things are back to normal.
  8. And it's a 91? Yeah, it could be that as well. If the spark plugs aren't firing, then gas is being pushed into the exhaust and causing the rest of the issues your expereincing. I originally read this as you just had them replaced, not have them but not installed yet. Correct I have not put in the new rotors and distributors because you have to take the radiator and fan out to get them in and I didn't have time with the storm approaching.
  9. Injectors would make it do that? This problem just appeared suddenly. Also, I do not have a gas cap could this have anything to do with this?
  10. Gee, still haven't gotten it fixed?? Quote "Thanks N.C.O. talked the guy down to $3500 and bought the car. Went to Lexus got a new coil pack and changed it out. Car is running fine now with NO misfire or glowing pass side cat. " Unquote. It has reappeared!!!! Due to Gustav the dealer is not open and I need a car.
  11. I am getting no codes. The check engine light has not come on (it does work). Also, for a moment I had the brake failure light come on and has not come back on since. I looked at the trunk wiring where it sits in that black holder and all the wires were fine. Do I need to pull the black strip off of the "U" section of the actual trunk hinge?
  12. Guys and gals, I am at my wits end with my Lex. I have a '91 LS 400. I am getting a severe misfire. I am idling at 500rpm and when I throttle the car up, it seems to stumble then also. I am smelling raw gas out the exhaust and it takes putting the accelerator to the floor to climb the slight incline into my driveway. I just changed the wires and put all new Denso Iridium plugs in. NO change, still running terrible. Any suggestions before I have this thing towed to the dealer. note: I have new rotors and distributor caps, but have not installed those as of yet.
  13. SAme here last post for a while and my LS 400 is not running well spent $500 today at dealer on plugs, wires, rotors and caps and still did not fix the low idle miss fire problem.
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