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  1. Did you buy/install the bushings I referenced? Or some other brand/mfg product that would have no correlation to my question?
  2. I consideribg rebuilding the suspension on my 98 LS400. considering Bilstein shocks, H&R lowering springs and PSB front&rear bushing kit. wondering if this will make a significant difference in the feel of the car, what else should I do while i’ve Got all this stuff apart? and finally hoping to hear real first person experience with these bushings, compared to OEM? Ease of R&R to replace bushings, etc... what else should I do, is the a knowledgeable reasource that would talon to me and tell me how to stiffen up my LS.400 without making it uncomfortable. thanks in advance!
  3. I've poured over the many threads regarding wheel fitment on the 95+ LS400. and am still unsure. I have heard many of the mustang wheels (specially those with bigger brakes) will bolt right onto the LS400 with no fitment issues. I like a few of those wheels and would very much like to have my LS400 rolling on 17x9 Mustang Cobra R wheels. Please confirm or dispel this based on your personal experience only! Thanks
  4. I bought two keys on EBay ($36), and down loaded the procedures. i got the two new keys cut by Lexus for $25 each, no locksmith would help, gone the way of the pay phone I guess, The first procedure for registering the ignition key transponder to start the car went smoothly, the key fob procedure required a little tweak. Then I moved on to the procedure for the remote lock function for the key fob. apparently there was a small tweak necessary in the procedure. below please find my edited procedure for both. Hope this works better for everybody with a 98 LS400. LEXUS KEY PROGRAMMING (to allow starting engine) Requires one working LEXUS Master Key. 1. Enter the car with the existing master key and close all doors. 2. Simultaneously depress and release both the brake and the accelerator pedals. 3. Within 5 seconds, insert the existing master key into the ignition. DO NOT TURN THE KEY. 4. Within 15 seconds of inserting the ignition key, depress and release the accelerator pedal 5 times. 5. Within 20 seconds, depress and release the brake pedal 6 times and… 6. Remove the existing master key from the ignition. 7. Within 10 seconds, insert the new key into the ignition. 8. Depress and release the accelerator pedal one time. The security light will soon begin flashing to indicate that the computer is reading the new key and programming the system. 9. Leave the new key in the ignition until light stops flashing (might take up to 80 seconds). When the security light stops flashing the new key is registered 10. Remove new key and depress and release brake pedal 1 time. The programming process should be complete. Test the new key. Place the key into the ignition and verify that the car will start. If this is a new remote master key, test the remote functions on the new key. Remote Programming Instructions (to allow remote lock/unlock/trunk) 1. Driver's door OPEN and unlocked, all other doors closed and locked. 2. Insert YOUR key in ignition, DO NOT TURN, remove key. 3. Using the MANUAL lock/unlock button ON THE DRIVERS DOOR, slowly press lock and unlock 5 times (count the lock 5 times and unlock 5 times). 4. Shut door. 5. Open door. 6. Using the Same Manual lock/unlock button ON THE DRIVERS DOOR as above, slowly press lock and unlock 5 times (count the lock 5 times and unlock 5 times). 7. With the door open insert your key into the ignition, turn to on position (DON'T START), wait ~1 seconds. Turn off and remove key. 8. Locks should cycle once (Car will lock and then unlock once). If they don't cycle or they cycle more than once, do steps 1-7 over. 9. Now using the remote, push lock button (EDIT) and the unlock button simultaneously, hold for at least one second, release, then push one or the other (lock or unlock) and hold for at least one second. At this point you should hear a long sustained beep, while the security light is on. This should be the indication that you’ve successfully programmed the key fob. The locks should cycle once. If not, start over and go slower. 10. Close the door. Open the door. Press the lock button on the remote. The locks should cycle. Close the door. Press the lock button on the remote, the doors should lock. Press again and the doors should unlock.
  5. Thanks Paul, I appreciate your compliment. I'm completely in love with this luxury sedan, I hope it lasts long enough for me to buried in it! i have done some preliminary searches on FB, but found nothing. Hoping to be able to tap into a reasource pool that I can both contribute to as well as learn from. keep the shiny side up! Plat0
  6. I began participating in online car clubs with the Taurus SHO. A great group of folks, many of whom remain close friends today. Then I bought and joined SCCOA, the Super Coupe Club Of America, another great group of folks and yet another host of close friends. I just bought my dream 98 LS400 w/90K miles! And from what I've seen here at the Lexus Owners Club it will fit in nicely with my former experiences with previous passions, automotive. So if such a group already exists, I want to join, and if not I'd like to help create such a club and hopefully strengthen and enhance our collective experience of owning and maintaining these fine vehicles.
  7. I just bought a 98 with 90k for $6k, it's perfect! im excited about getting it all cleaned up, perform a few tasteful cosmetic mods. See you around Plat0
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  9. Any follow up report on this? Having just bought a 91 that's demonstrating the same issues, in Chicago, in the winter... ...recon I'll be doing the same thing.