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  1. I need a ABS pump. Where is a good place to get one. ls400. Got one that was supposed to be good from a junk yard, but it was no good.
  2. Added comments: There are no codes displayed and no " check engine " lite.
  3. I have a power drain on my LS400 - even with the key turned off. It has started to run my battery down fairly rapidly. Any ideas what to check first? MY mechanic originally thought it was starter related, but the starter seems to operate OK at all times.
  4. I would if I could find a junk yard relatively close by. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. I need the above listed part if anyone has one laying around. Mine is missing on the dr's side. I just bought this car a couple months ago and am trying to get it up in shape on some issues. Thanks
  6. Is there a good video available that shows show to change a starter on the 2000LS. I know there are ones that show the older LSs, but there are some differences on the 2000. Thanks
  7. High miles- runs good- new starter- new alternator - Just purchased a 2000 LS400 -so do not need anymore - 1200.00 or might trade. located in Southern IL at Marion, just off I-57;.
  8. I need the part that goes behind the dr's side front wheel. Need mailed to Southern IL, just off I-57. Thanks !! ( For a 2000 LS400 )
  9. Bought car for some things I needed for my 2000 LS400. Many good parts left. Can Ship. Located in Southern IL @ Marion, IL, just off I57. Send requests to : JWPcrapper2@yahoo.com. Thanks
  10. Car is now complete and runs well. In accident on back quarter. I'm located in Marion, IL just off I-57. Email to JWPcrapper2@yahoo.com for info. Thanks !
  11. Please let me know how it works. I may want to buy one. Thanks ! - Jerry
  12. Where is the best place to buy a code reader that is reasonably priced?
  13. I think I will purchase a code reader for my 2000 LS400. Where do I plug it in?
  14. What are the reasons that the VSC warning message would come on? I've checked the tires and they seem to be OK. The VSC problem is intermitant ( It comes and goes. )
  15. It's a 2000 LS400 with the 2 problems. I also have a '92 LS400.
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