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  1. I need the part that goes behind the dr's side front wheel. Need mailed to Southern IL, just off I-57. Thanks !! ( For a 2000 LS400 )
  2. parting out 95 LS400

    Bought car for some things I needed for my 2000 LS400. Many good parts left. Can Ship. Located in Southern IL @ Marion, IL, just off I57. Send requests to : Thanks
  3. parting out a 95 LS400

    Car is now complete and runs well. In accident on back quarter. I'm located in Marion, IL just off I-57. Email to for info. Thanks !
  4. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    Please let me know how it works. I may want to buy one. Thanks ! - Jerry
  5. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    Where is the best place to buy a code reader that is reasonably priced?
  6. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    I think I will purchase a code reader for my 2000 LS400. Where do I plug it in?
  7. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    What are the reasons that the VSC warning message would come on? I've checked the tires and they seem to be OK. The VSC problem is intermitant ( It comes and goes. )
  8. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    It's a 2000 LS400 with the 2 problems. I also have a '92 LS400.
  9. I want to disconnect the headlight leveling feature. ( It now stays on all the time.) Also, my VSC ( anti skid light) will not stay off even after using the procedures in the handbook. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. '92 LS400 cold start stumbling

    Yes, the alternator is working great. I have a one extra question. Where is the fuel filter on these cars? I can not see it, even with a flashlight. I want to change the filter as this could be my problem Thanks for your comment
  11. Billy:   I'm thinking of buying a 99-00 LS400 to replace my old 92 one. Any idea what one in good shape will cost me, preferably with most of the maint up to date?    My old 92 runs good and the AC still works well. It has a new alternator, starter and plugs/wires. It is very high miles, which is the reason I want to upgrade. Any insight you can give me would be appreciated. BTW: PTL !     Jerry

    1. billydpowell


      I dont know your area, but around here, 4 to 5k for a nice one

  12. I just changed the alternator on my 92 LS400. The next day, the car started to stumble on start up. It only lasts for approx. a minute. Did I possibly forget to re-connect something? Is there a cold start item on the car that I need to check? Where is it located? Thanks !
  13. wipers have stoppe working '92 LS400

    The wiper motor was NOT working. I think in hindsight that it was jammed by the wiper blades or the bent bolt. Thanks for your input though.
  14. wipers have stoppe working '92 LS400

    Praise the Lord! I finally got the problem identified and fixed. It was a bent screw in the dr's side arm and a bent wiper blade. Now works great !!
  15. I checked the fuse. It's OK. Where do I go fom here?