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  1. You only need to post a subject in one forum. I deleted your other thread. Did you test the sensor you put in? Are you sure your using the right sensor replacements? Did you clear the codes in the ECU?
  2. I get 19 mpg when I drive the way I want to. (which is most of the time.) But when I'm a good boy and drive within the law, I average around 26.
  3. Are you talking springs or coilovers? Coilovers are the way to go. Especially on the IS. No adjustable camber. So it's nice to be able to tune the ride height a bit. Tenabe, Tein, or Megans are nice.
  4. I've owned both sets and I can tell you that you would be very happy with either. The Conti's have a longer tread life though, and cost less too, so that's why I am buying another set of those. I have almost 50k miles on my 08 IS350, I changed out the stock suspension for an adjustable one. I generally keep the car about 1.5 inches lower than stock, and I have pretty aggressive offset's on my rims. The stock camber isn't adjustable, so I expected a little more inside tire wear, but over the years, I've really had no issues at all with alignments or excessive wear.
  5. You know, I went and looked at all of them again and actually I want to officially change my position. I agree. The Traverse is the better looking of them. I was thinking they both looked like the GMC version with the odd headlight thing it has. The Buick and the Traverse have the better looking headlights. And I know what you mean about the prices. Shouldn't we be getting an employee/stock holder discount? LOL!
  6. Yeah, but the Buick is the better looking exterior of those.
  7. LOL!! A Buick huh? Down here in tourist town, that's what all the Q-tips drive. So, I guess retirement isn't to far off.....
  8. smooth1

    Chevy Tahoe

    My sentiments exactly. I actually think it's a company policy and philosophy they teach there! Remember when I went to the dealership to look at Tahoe's a couple years ago before I got the ML? Same thing, although your experience definately trumps mine. To disrespect you, and your wife, and I'll bet he never even knew anything of what he just did! I'll bet he would act all shocked and bewildered at the fact that you felt disrespected and insulted. Amazing. And I'm with Josh then. Keep the Toyota. Nobody should have to deal with poor treatment like that over a car!
  9. God Speed and be with you brother. I hope you know how much I and my family appreciate you and your effort. This country owes you and others like you all the support we can muster. So, no matter where you go, we will be waiting here for your speedy return. And let your wife know that she can come on here and give us updates once in awhile if you can't get to a computer.
  10. (Shaking my head in disgust.) I hear ya, guys.
  11. Intakes on these cars don't really do much other than change the sound. You can do a search here and find out for yourself and what does work. I'll give you a hint : PSI
  12. Exactly!! All they had to do when I bought the IS 350 was have them verify my trade was everything I said it was. Once they inspected my trade, I was in an office signing all the paperwork on the deal we worked out via email and phone calls. I met my salesperson for the first time 10 minutes before the final test drive of the actual car I was going to be taking home that day. Very smooth, very polite, very respectful, very service driven. That was by far the best new car purchase experience of all the cars I've purchased.
  13. Actually Steve, that's exactly what I would do if I wanted it for sure. These dealerships are just not like dealing with Lexus and Mercedes etc. I could never get a straight answer. If only these auto mfgrs would wake up and realize how many sales they lose in the parking lots and lobbies because they won't just be on the table. I frickin hate the "the price is as much as your willing to pay and as much as I can squeeze out of you" philosophy. All the artificial mark ups, and hidden dealer incentives and so on and so on, how can anyone buy a car, and not be suspicious of being screwed and carrying that feeling with them afterwards? Heck, that's what's probably spawned this whole car forum idea in the first place! So we can check with each other and console each others fears and frustrations! LOL!!
  14. Hey, maybe you can take the Lexus to their parking lot and cry foul, "you hit my car!" and get an even better deal!!
  15. LOL!! I'm only driving the "beater" car to the dealerships for test drives from now on!
  16. Yeah, if you only knew just how much so!!! The gauges, the window switches, the chassis, just about the whole "concept" layout is really the same. BUT: Mercedes does do it better. As much as I like this new Jeep, it really does reinforce just how good Mercedes is. The small things you live with everyday on the MB is just tuned better, thought out more, higher quality, and makes more sense. On the other hand, the new Jeep has the new Uconnect system with Nav, and after getting more familiar with it, while I do still need more time to figure out some of the other menues and screens, I will state for the record, it's the best interactive Navigation system on just about any vehicle I've seen so far. I have the upgraded 730 Alpine head unit, and it simply puts the Mercedes NAv system to shame, and easily beats the Lexus Nav system. That is a good surprise. I wasn't really sure about this feature before. And.......I love the new panoramic sunroof. That alone makes it worth it.
  17. The MedialinQ 2 is a high def menu system and is much more integrated. If your gonna spend the $350+ on one, then I would just get the ML2. Even though it also offers other options you may never use.
  18. Nice! That does sound like a pretty good deal. Do they have one on the lot? Are you looking at a 2011? I ask because the 2012 have a $780 price increase, and they already shut down for the year end change over. So if you see the one you want, you might want to just get it. I would have had to wait 3 to 4 months if I wanted to be stubborn.
  19. After all was said and done, They gave me $30K for my ML 350, and sold me the Overland for just over $26k. I owed just over $14k on the ML and I now owe just under $15k for the Jeep. I financed that for 4 years and have a $328.00 payment. Since this took so long, the estimates came back on the ML for repair and it looks like they still came out about even. The truck repair estimate was $9600.00 plus final settlements. Overall, I'm happy and think this worked out ok, and I appreciate the dealerships leadership in finding an amicable solution that we both walked away with just a slight pain over this, but none the less we are both over this and can still look each other in the eyes and shake hands.
  20. Dang that does suck. Atleast it is just cosmetic. Make sure you take pictures and keep them. Later when you decide to sell the car you can show what happened instead of them thinking it was some major accident anyway. It could help.
  21. Ok, so I'm ready then!