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  1. If your status is New Club Member then you are not allowed to post items for sale in this forum. You must make a contribution to the forums before you can post here. When you have made enough posts, your status will change, and you will be allowed to post. This has become necessary due to the number of people registering purely to sell, and not contributing to our community
  2. Thanks, I just got a good lesson in tire sizes. :) I think if I have to change wheels out I'd go for the 17 x 8 since I've read on some other forums that the noise/handling are dramatically improved with the smaller wheels. As it stands right now my car is so loud on the freeway... It ruins my experience of driving a Lexus.
  3. I have the 225/40ZR18 on the front and 255/40ZR18 in the rear. I'm sick and tired of replacing tires every 15-20k miles. Can I replace all 4 with 225/40ZR18 (or 255/40ZR18), or will they not fit on the wheel? I would love to be able to rotate my tires and get the most life out of them....
  4. Installed this in my 2006 IS-350. This is a great device for those who want to add bluetooth wireless music streaming to their pre-2011 model Lexus (the 2011 models have this feature now). I'm using this with the iPhone 4 and it's very nice to leave my phone in the pocket and just hop in the car and just the little belkin button mounted on my dash to start playing music.... It plugs right into the cigarette plug in the center console and then has a pigtail audio cable that plugs into the line in the center console, for a nice clean installation. Then there's a wire that goes to the Microp
  5. I've been looking into some technology upgrades for my 2006 IS350. I have an iPhone 4 with the latest IOS and I've thought about getting something to interface my phone with the navigation display. Two options I'm considering are the Parrot 9200 and the VAIS si2iC. I've also thought about the VAIS m2i but it's REALLY expensive at $500, and I'm not sure what more you're getting for the extra $150. I'm curious what others have done and how happy you are with your choice? One thing I like about the Parrot is it supports both USB and Bluetooth audio... but the VAIS seems to have a far more
  6. 19mpg with led foot on 2006 IS350... With no tune ups, only oil changes.... I get 21mpg average... 23 if I drive 65 and be very conscientious of my driving habits.... I live in San Diego so we have a lot of hills going from one mesa to another..
  7. That's not an honest post there, I've gotten 60mpg after a fill up when coasting down hill from the gas station!
  8. I got a notice about valve spring recall on my 2006 IS350 so I took it to the dealer yesterday for replacement. They told me they would have my car for at least 3 days and gave me a 2011 IS250 loaner with only 5k miles on it.... I think anyone who goes from driving a used car to a almost brand new one will say they prefer the new one, even though it's a lesser model, and I am no exception... My 2006 has 68k miles on it... And is 5 years old. I get that... But I can't believe the difference... The 2011 rides smoother, even though it has the same size tires on it as my IS... And is significan
  9. I disagree with you. I think there is a sweet spot between performance and comfort, and I think Lexus dropped the ball with the 18 inch package on the IS350. Most people who own an IS350 didn't buy it to race or drive aggressively all the time, I think you'll find that most IS350 owners bought it because they love to have the power when they need it, such as when passing a car or merging onto the freeway. :) To the OP: I have my IS350 in for service right now. They gave me a 2011 IS250 for a loaner that still has the same 18 inch rims and tire size as my 350, but instead of Z rated, they
  10. In July of last year I purchased a used 2006 IS350 w/ 46k miles, Premium, Luxury, Nav, Levinson & spoiler for $24,900 from a used car lot (not certified Lexus, doah!) in El Cajon, CA. At the time I purchased the car, my brother in law who owns a body shop in CO inspected the vehicle and everything looked good on the surface. He checked under the hood, the door seals, etc, but he didn't look under the vehicle and that turns out where the problem lies. A couple days ago, I tried to trade my IS350 in, and the dealer pulled the AutoCheck history report (similar to Carfax). The Autocheck hi
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