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  1. OHHHHH!!, it's a Lexus IS300!!! Well then, now officially all the IS 300 community can once again publicly acknowledge you. JK!! B) Lookin Good man!!! Nice ride. I too spent the better part of my Sunday in the garage washing the 3. Last week I took a clay bar to it, and put on two coats of sealer and 1 coat of wax. This time I washed the car real good, waxed it and buffed it. then I also used a teflon coating on the rims. ( The bottle says it helps reduces the ability for brake dust to cling to it) Seems to make sense, we'll see. They shine nice though. I figure until all the parts I've ordered come in I can spend my energy shining up the ride. the headlights should ( Better!) be here this week. I really want those on the car. I'm also thinking of ordering the Apexi power programmer. Anyone using this? Every web site I go to seems to steer me right to this one. I looked into the uni chip, but that was a quick laugh. Isn't there something better than the apexi? or is the Apexi sent by the gods to the warrior IS300 owners???? And has anyone gone thru the super chip thing? Thanks.
  2. :) It's okay to use a touch free car wash. I just get the rinse and wash setting. Then I hop out and chami dry it. Keeps things shining between the real detail days. Yeah, I do all my own work as well. I just put a magnetic oil filter ring on, and one at the bottom of the oil pan. So my next two oil changes I will remove the pan completely and clean it out and regasket it. After that I'll wait one or two oil changes and see if there is anything at the bottom. Amsoil is great oil. I also just converted to a 25/75 coolant mix. I already noticed the car runs cooler. Next I'm looking at a heat shield. By the way, while I was under the hood, did you notice alot of play in your throttle cable? I noticed that in mine, so I tightened it up with the adjusters and it took every bit there was to get it back to tight again. When the car goes in I'll have them reset it, but after I fixed it, I did notice that the obvious result was better throttle response. Now I just touch the peddle and the tach jumps to 2500 rpms. Just a tip if you haven't already done so.
  3. Oh okay, yeah that looks great! very nice job. What did you use for a clear coat? And by the way, kinda dirty??? You otta be ashamed!! LOL! Isn't there a car wash in your neighborhood? JK!!!! how long have you had it? What are you working on next?
  4. Nice work. The gauge set up looks awsome. Next to you transmission control buttons, what are those 2 orange buttons? I can't quite make it out, looks like one turns on and off a radar detector/scanner? And what's the other? I don't have the heated seats either, so I was thinking of turning those blanks into something useful later. I did notice there are subtle differences in our cars I think. I will have to go look at mine again to be sure. I think it's because you have the manual trans and I have the auto, but where your trac off/snow button is, mine just says trac control. and the snow button is on the center console next to a button that also says power. ( I like that setting with the trac control off. It really goes thru gears 1-3 like now!!) Are you planning on running forced induction? I am seriously looking into a supercharger. It won't happen for awhile, but as I go along doing the modifications to the car I will keep that in the back of my mind. So for now it's just one step at a time. Ok you confused me on the caliper color and coats also. Let me get this straight, you originally wanted your calipers to be red, but after you painted it you weren't happy with the color, so you painted them cherry red with high temp paint. So are your calipers red now or white? and what did you use for a clear coat? My steel braided brake lines came in. So now all I need are the EBC green pads and one Saturday soon I'll bleed the system down, and install the brake lines, recoated calipers, new brake pads and rotors. that should finish that end for awhile. And about the dash kits. I went to NYC Dash. They have nice kits, but I seriuosly want to be different. For example, on your center dash console, everything you have in cherry wood, that plastic trim that goes from the shifter all the way up and around the console and back bown the other side, you have your gauges on top now, but I have a dash tray there, all that I want carbon fiber. After I know I can get that , then I was thinking of the brushed stainless steel or billet Aluminum look for the face of the console. If I can get a billet face, then I think I want it to be a graphite color. I'm still toying with all the ideas. I have already located a carbon fiber custom molding fabricator. We haven't talked design ideas or prices yet. I know it's gonna be expensive. But hey you only live once right? I have actually done this before. I went to the junk yard and bought a center console out of a totalled Nissan 300Z for 50 bucks. I sent that in and they did a replication in carbon fiber for me. Cost me 600.00 plus shipping. But man was I happy with how that turned out. After that you can just buy a flat sheet of carbon fiber and shape it to just do highlights around the interior with.
  5. You will need to go to Home Depot, and get NAPTHA PMA. It's in the paint department next to the turpinetine. It's not a harsh chemical, and won't hurt the glass or anything else like the defrost lines on the window either. It will cost you six bucks. And you'll be able to clean all the price stickers off everything you buy from now as well. I do custom picture framing for a living, so I have to deal with removing adhesives all the time. You can even use it on paper and it won't discolor or leave agreasey residue on it also. Use a terry cloth to wipe the area off the window real well. Make sure you rub it one direction repeatedly. Not back and forth. You will see a nice line of adhesive residue form. Then wipe that away. If you have a problem getting that line of residue off, use a NEW razor blade and with a steep angle, scrape it off easily. Don't use turpentine or mineral spirits on glass!
  6. I have had the car now for 2 weeks. I've added 18x9 einki's ( only 18 lbs. each!), tinted the windows and put on the mini mast for the antenna.
  7. Here is a photo of the car the day I bought it. Very happy day!
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    From the album: My Toy IS300T

    The day I bought the car
  9. So any updates on this project lately?? 18 psi! man thats crapton of boost!!! have you dyno'd the car? you should post the dyno sheet so we can see it. I would like to see the power curve and how the torque is hitting also. have you had any tuning issues to deal with? are you having any issues with planting all that power on the ground? I would really like to know, I was thinking about going with a centrifugal supercharger on mine, so I would like to hear you turbo experience to compare with.
  10. You might wanna look into "seafoam" and see if that will do what your looking for. The other option is to take the throttle body off and clean it with parts cleaner. Carb and choke cleaner probably won't be the answer, but it's chaep and easy enouph to start with that if you want. I think taking it off and cleaning it is the best option. You can really get in there and clean it out good. then when you put it back on and start it up, if the whistle is still there, you atleast know it's not the throttle body anymore!LOL! You can hear it in the exhaust also??????? weird man,,,,, I'm guessing here ok, but maybe you have an exhaust leak??? maybe off the header, or around the cats. that could be why you hear it in the engine compartment and in the exhaust. Maybe check around under there before taking off the throttle body, or cleaning it out with a spray cleaner.
  11. Just to let you know also in case you didn't, the 2000 and 2001 have differences from the 2002-2005 models. the first gen. has alot more cheesy plastic on the dash, cheaper leather, the A/C is not auto temp., they tend to have more window air seal noise, and the suspension was upgraded in 2002 also. And guys, they didn't offer the 17" wheels on the 2000-2001 either. Mechanically speaking, the car is as good as Toyota makes. Nothing there to worry about. Although, I would try to fix that squeek or make them fix it in the deal to buy it. ( Could be just pulley bearings or the clutch itself.) Not neccasarily the compressor itself. Also, check the headlights real close, make sure there is no inteirior condensation clouding the headlights at all. They had a seal problem on the first sets and seeing as how the car is out of warrentee, headlights are major bucks on this model, and a real pain in the a$$ to do. If your good with all this, then go for it. The IS300 is an awsome car. So much fun to drive. It handles great and is a great platform car if your into doing customizing. So much aftermarket support, and quality stuff too, not junk! How much are they asking for the car?
  12. Are you sure about the intake? Man I have had a K&N intake on everything I ever owned. It even comes with a Dyno sheet showing the hp gain! and where the gain is on the rev band. why do you think you got less hp? and what systems were you using? And the Demon eyes are SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!! The first time I saw them I knew I was gettin em! I don't care if I have to set the whole weekend aside to install em, their goin in!!!! The dash kits are a sticky decision if you know what I mean, I know I want to do some highlights with Carbon Fiber, but I only want the real Carbon Fiber, not that stupid lookin imitation stuff that is just awful!!!! So I have to find someone who specializes in making carbon fiber parts and misc. and see if there is a cost effective way to go about it. Hmmm, 15 dollar stickers to cover the calipers huh? great idea. Even if they don't last, it's only 15 bucks! I'll order those this week. Do you have them on your car? What do you think? I'll be posting pics this week of my car. So we can all get a basic idea of where I started. It's funny, until I started to list the stuff I have done, I thought I haven't done anything to it yet. But I forgot, I also ordered a Hyper ground system and a hyper MR voltage system also. Those should be here in about two weeks. I wanted silver, so they have to make em.
  13. Hello everyone. I just bought a 2005 IS 300. So, I'm gonna be working on it to make it even better. Because,,, that's what I do. the car has 21,000 miles on it now. It's silver with the Black leather interior. I am going to be doing some appearance mods first, then go into performance mods, and along the way we'll see what pops up. I have already put new rims on the car. I went to 18x9's. I am very happy with that change so far. The handling is crisper and turn in response is much quicker! Next I have purchased black headlight housings and Halo rings for the headlights. they should be in later this week. I will be installing those and for now, I want to just black out the tail lights until I find something I like better. I will be posting picks as I go along so everyone can see before and afters and so on. I also am going to redo the brake system also. Now that I have new rims, you can really see the calipers and the discs, So i want to change to slotted or drilled, I haven't really made up my mind about that yet. Also, I'm looking into new calipers, or just repainting the stock ones I have. I'm adding steel braided brake lines, and new performance brake pads. I also want to add a cold air intake, maybe an underdrive pully, and who knows, maybe look at a supercharger down the line. So, it all begins here. If anyone has advice, maybe suggestions on mods that really work, let me know. I hope to learn and pass on the knowledge as I go. I will be posting those pics later this week. Saturday, the car goes in for service, ( I want to convert it over to full synthetic oils and trans fluid first. Then I'll start putting all the stuff on the car.
  14. If your still looking for new tires, go with the Bridgestone, Potenza. It's the only Z speed rated tire with a real mileage warrantee. I beleive it's 40,000 miles. All weather tread and very raod quiet. Not the highest in performance, but I think it's a great real world compromise. they look great also. BTW, I went to 18x9 rims also. So yeah, price of tires goes thru the roof!!! 260.00 a tire that lasts maybe 15,000 miles???? Not happening!
  15. If you go to the dealership, they should assign you a service tech. I also just bought a 2003 IS 300 with 21,000 miles on it. I figured the 30,000 mile service was coming so I should call and find out whats up. Once they assigned the service tech to me, he and I went over everything they perform for that service. I could delete anything I wanted, and the price was adjusted accordingly. For example I didn't want a new air filter, price dropped 18.00. But I upgraded to full synthetic oil change, price went up 40.00. etc.etc. Also, they did a full vehicle inspection and report for free. They told me about wear level on parts such as brakes and tires. They gave the car a full evaluation and did a service history search, they found the car had been serviced at Lexus of Melbourne, and told me that the car had all it's maintenances so far and the factory warrentee was still in effect until June of 2008. They even contacted the extened warrentee company I purchased with the car to verify coverage and coverage limitations until 100,000 miles or 8 years. My advice is go to the dealer, and get a service tech. He has been great! he even scheduled a user car for the day my car was in service! This Lexus of Winter Park is freakin nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Yeah, unfortunately the o2 sensors aren't part of the power train anyway. Also, if you have the warranty in writting, you can call them directly and they should be able to answer any questions you have. But beside the o2 sensor issue, I would be more concerned as to why you keep going through sensors. Is it in fact just a bad sensor??? or is there something there happening that is causing the sensor to code? That is the problem I see you having here. If your just replacing o2 sensors, maybe you should have them look closer and fix the real problem. there are after market warrantees available still. Mercury offers a 6 year 100,000 mile warrantee that cover everything except user wear items such as tires and brake pads, etc. etc. I got one with my IS 300. What makes this warrantee awsome to have is that you can take your car to any mechanic you want to. All the shop has to do is call the number and they get a credit card authorization directly from Mercury on the spot. And there is a 0.00 $ deductible as well. I've never been so happy to have bought that " extra" warrantee before.
  17. are you sure it's an air whistle? Could be a pulley also. The A/C pulley is nortorious for whistling and whirring. And if your sure it's not that, then with a friend on the throttle, put your hand over the intake and make the whistle change pitch. A lower pitch whistle is easier for the ear to locate. Just a thought.
  18. Iv'e been doing all my own servicing an all my " toy" cars for years. The reason I do it is so that I get to know the car inside and out better that way. Also I can do the improvements, such as better fluids than stock recommendations. For example, when you go ti the dealership and they replace the coolant, they use Toyota approved coolant at a 50/50 mix. I live in Florida, it never freezes here, barely ever goes below 50. So to help run cooler I use dionized and filtered water about 85% and 15% coolant, and water wetter. Engine runs about 20 degrees cooler. ( Water Wetter has about 20 times the rust and corrosion inhibitors, and lubricates everything very well. I've been using this combination an about 3 different vehicles over the years and have never had a problem. Oil is oil so long as of course your using the premo stuff. Also I converted the trans and brake fluid to synthetic, also switched to steel braided brake lines at the same time. etc.etc.etc. So when I get on it, I know what "it" is.
  19. So what do you plan on doing to it?