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  1. If your just buying a base Grand Cherokee, then you might actually benefit from that price drop, but by the time you get to the Overland 4x4 package, it's now $2400 more, and you don't get ELSD which is now another $2200 and only comes with the Off Road package II which it seems they were giving away on the 2011 Overland package. People I know on the forums over there to get the same package I have are upset they waited for the 2012, and tried to jump on late 2011's.
  2. smooth1

    My Vw Gti

    Do you have the family stick figure represent on the rear window? Gotta have that you know!?
  3. A cold air intake made your car a second and a half faster??? WOW!
  4. If your still interested in becoming a supporting vendor, email Steve at and he will give you all the info.

  5. I think it has to do with the materials Lexus chooses to use as sleeve liners. They are really thin in these motors. Oil is asked to perform several duties such as cooling and cleaning as well as lubricating. I'm not a Japanese Lexus engineer, but they only warranty 5k mile intervals. The Mercedes ML I had was 15k miles or once a year according to the warranty. BMW is 10-15k as well. Jeep is 10k.
  6. To be honest, your not making it easy to help. In your description you " sprayed a little throttlr body cleaner around the throttle body and its motorized and doesn't move." What ?? Then you go an to say you removed the coils? Did you put them back in right? to and from the correct positions? You sure you didn't cross any? and you plugged them in tight? And use a contact spray or gel? Then you went on to say you only replaced the passenger side plugs? So did you put in 3 plugs? or 6? Why would you only replace one side? And any time your working on the electrical system, you should disconnect the battery. But that has to do with your safety, not your results.
  7. Ok, so this was in July, let me see the pics of it today..........
  8. Then you probably need to change the oil more often. Are you running Dino or synthetic?
  9. If your just doing springs, then Eibach has the best drop, and offers a nice ride. I always recommend coilovers though so you can tune your height to where you want it, and they offer a much better ride. Tien, or Tenabe are great. Megan has the right idea though if you want to get really aggressive drops. I got the Tenabe Sustec Pro 5 this time with the electronic adjustment system. I've had it now for about 3 years and I have to say I think it's one of the best systems out there for the money. Lots of advantages and features. You might wanna look into those.
  10. Yeah, be ready for a surprise. I traded my Mercedes in on mine, and I have to say that I haven't been disappointed.
  11. If your just looking to change the sound, then get what makes you happy. IF you looking to get more throttle response, well,,,,,,,,I wouldn't go in with high hopes is all I can say. Not from just an exhaust system.
  12. Wait, your going through about 6 quarts of oil in 250 miles? And there's no smoke pluming out the back as you drive? Then you have a huge hole in the oil pan or oil line somewhere. When you fill it with oil, start it and let it sit there for a few minutes. Then back out and look at the floor where the car was. IS there any oil on the floor?
  13. Is that big white splotch on the bumper where the paint chipped off? What color is the car?
  14. There are a few drain lines around the sun roof that may be plugged. Sounds like it may have been plugged for awhile and the rubber grommets has dry rotted and letting water in. It could also be the door seal itself.
  15. Summer time is slow posting period here. What are you trying to do with your IS? I don't know that the SRT is much more than a waste of money and time. You might want to spend your money on appearance mods first.
  16. 5,000 miles a year average? Do you take alot of very short trips or does the car sit for long periods between drives?
  17. So this is Mrs. SW's primary ride now? We kinda swapped around cars in our household, I used to drive the IS back and fourth to the shop most of the time, and took the ML on trips and weekend family errands and such, wife drove the VW Jetta all the time. Since I swapped to the Jeep, I now drive the Jeep most of the time, wife drives the IS all the time now and the VW has become a spare car.
  18. I told you they could be had fairly cheap! NICE! You guys are avg'ing 19mpg HWY smooth? That cant be right. Thats downright awful. I get 23-24 in my Ram. I get about 24 on the hwy. From what I read on the forums the V6 gets much better city driving numbers which is my Monday thru Friday, 35 mph stop and go back and fourth to work. There I'm getting about 19 mpg. now where I was getting about 17 before.
  19. Yeah the dark Green is cool, and a definite thumbs up on the black interior. The saddle comes off to rustic looking for me. I have just about 7,000 miles on mine now. I've already been to the Nantahala River for some white water rafting and trout fishing with it. The V6 always had enough power going up those mountain sides, I averaged 75-80 mph for 1800 mile trip we got 23 mpg average, two adults and about 400lbs of crap in the back. Considering we're back on 87 octane also for a bit of savings there has been nice coming from the MB ML, but maybe not so much coming from a Prius I know, but not bad anyway. As i said I have about 7k miles on it now, and the mpg is getting better on average I've noticed. The same route to the shop and home used to average about 17 mpg, I now see 18 border 19 mpg now for the same trip. I have a squeaky driver seat I have to have them fix, and it needs the TSB ecu reflash to update the shift points and smoothen out a couple flat spots in the throttle, from what I hear it's a very nice adjustment when you get it back. Other than that it's been a great truck. I do like it now too.
  20. Congratulations! You made a wise decision on such a fine automobile.
  21. I really debated over which way to go when I boosted my IS300. So, I'm going to to say that in my opinion, turbo blows away superchargers. With a supercharger comes belts, and with belts comes problems. Whatever size pulley you use is what determines your psi, and it's always on. A supercharger does have engine drag, although not as much as before. So even when your not using it your motor is lugging it around. they have put some tech into developing some better designs. There are better superchargers out now like the Kenny Bell supercharger system I put in my 03 Explorer. But, In the last few years there have been some big dollar car mfgrs with rejuvinated interests in the turbo because of what it offers deisel motors as well. Over the last 10 years, there have been alot of amazing developments in turbo applications. Audi is winning Lemans one event after another with thier new turbo deisel rocket, Ford just came out with a V6 turbo that offers more torque and hp then thier new 5.0 liter V8 and is the "upgrade" from the V8, meaning it costs more? It's selling. My turbo set up has a digital boost controller with 2 settings. With a push of a button I can go from 14 psi (about 380 rear wheel hp) to 24 psi ( about 520 rear wheel hp.) and still get 28 mpg around town. The turbo only goes into boost when I decide I want to. Most of the time I drive around in vacuum mode and stealth along though. I hid the intercooler behind the stock grill and I use an internal blow off valve to recycle boosted air. You'd almost never know it was a turbo IS. So because the turbo is getting alot of technology, has more versatility, and is being used more and more industry wide meaning more platform support , and also the turbo is much more efficient than a supercharger, and can make way more power than a supercharger can, I say turbo is better........
  22. I know you've been waiting for this day to finally get here. Congrats on the relocation. When does the house hunting begin? Any areas particularly appealing? My wife is from around there.
  23. I did it on my IS 300. I have pics posted in my thread there someplace. It was awhile back. It's alot of work, and you have to be careful. They worked great for about 3 years. But then 1 burned out, so I just removed them this time. They have come out with alot better options since. I think I like the strip of 10 or 15 LED's along the edge in the air dam or along the skirt around the fog lights instead.