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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't mean to come off sounding negative... but the Lexus Navi system is less than ideal! And, if only for the Nav Hack (prior to ver 6) it is somewhat decent. What is the point to a Navi system, if you cannot make changes or requests on the fly through the screen (since the Lexus Voice System recognizes only Cobalt Commands dictated through a mouth full of peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches on warm and moist oven fresh bread) by updating to 10.1 you are virtually crippling the system. I use my cellphone as backup if for whatever reason my 6.1 Navi CD cannot find a new stre
  2. You can search ebay for... "04 05 06 LEXUS RX330 RX350 CCFL ANGEL EYES WHITE d3" as an example. Has anybody had the initiative or have experience with such a mod? I mod'ed the Fog/Driving Lights with 50W (and 35W) ballasts to have HID output, and was extremely disappointed with the Asian quality (tried 3 various kits / manufacturers). Bulb and Ballasts failure within less than 3 months, and that is without much actually "running" them ON. One other point, is I would like to physically know how to rewire the Day time running lights... I would much prefer having the DRL run as part of either
  3. There are some tricks to attaining better gas mileage... 1) Do not let others drive your vehicle. Obviously, another family member will not have the Technic down pat. 2) In winter, if you can, choose to drive with your heated seats in place of the Heater (leave off, hence the engine is not required to transfer heat to the anti-freeze in order to send heat to the heater core) 3) Try to accelerate initially by Electric, then at about 15-20mph when the ICE kicks in, steadily and gingerly without too much hesitation, get up to Legal Speed limit less 5-10%. This is a Technic, you can't be t
  4. Well, the fact remains, that K&N air filters contain oil as part of there filtering properties. That "stain", looks an awful lot like oil to me, and the only way oil would appear after the air filter, along the air box and through to the way to the MAF... is from the K&N air filter. Period. Clean it out, with isopropyl alcohol (diluted, or less than 50% concentration) the air box and air housing. Pat down the air filter with Paper towels, and blow dry it with a hair dryer. Remove the K&N air filter sticker. And if the problem persists, put back the factory air filter and have
  5. Hey Emim, Absolutely not. These are Pure Summer only tires, classified as a high performance SUV tire for summer use. You would be looking for a four season tire, and if you search the forums, some members have chosen the Yokohama Prada. I have no experience with them, so I cannot comment on there attributes or aspects. I have heard of Bridgestone being very good in producing a four season tire as well. I will not comment either, on your choice, but will say that I prefer to invest in the most important piece of equipment on our vehicles (for that matter, any vehicle)... Tires. So I hav
  6. I am offering my review of the following Tire, the Yokohama ADVAN S.T. Today, I have put on approximately 1250 miles on them since installing them a couple of weeks ago. I have some data to compare with my previous two tires, both manufactured by Good Year and with completely different viewpoints. The factory Good Year tires in the O.E.M. tire size were terrible in all aspects (tire noise, drive comfort, wet and dry handling). After the first oil Change, I swapped them out for Good Year Eagle Responsedge in a more appropriate tire size for our class of vehicle and weight, 255/55-R18. This
  7. Actually, I believe your answer is in the Air Filter you are using... I noticed you are using a K&N air filter. Those filters require to be "oiled" as part of there air filtration characteristics. And, as a rule, more is not better. The filters when new come pre-oiled. When they are serviced, they are washed with the appropriate air filter cleaner, and then allowed to dry. Then, you are to re-oil the K&N air filter with the appropriate Oil. I believe the air filter was over oiled and therefore appears in the form of "oil sweating" through a seal or component (that being the mass
  8. Well, yesterday (11/07/19) was the official day that the Good Year Eagle Responsedge tires came off the car and into retirement. I had the Yokohama Advan S.T. installed, mounted and balanced. I drove back from my US residency to Canada (my canadian residents) and will allow for a few tanks of gas so as to give the new tires a chance to break in. I will say, like any new tire coming onto a vehicle that previously had tires worn down to the thread minimum, you will immediately notice a difference in ride quality. The extra rubber whenever you swap from worn to new will immediately show a s
  9. Zero Oil Consumption on my end, my RX has 44,000 pampered miles. Personally, an engine that burns oil is not necessarily a bad thing. Better Lubrication LOL. (FWIW: Most Alfa Romeo's that had sweet DOHC All Aluminum Engines like sucking back 3/4 - 1+ quart(s) of oil in between each oil change, and it was completely within factory specs.. 8 litre oil pans if I remember correctly.) Personally, I think the greater problem with the Hybrid Engine, is the constant cycling of the Gas Engine. Unless your oil CAN get hot enough, the oil gets contaminated with Fuel and as such, contaminates the oi
  10. Yes, a remote engine start would work. The issue, is two fold. You have a vehicle with a slightly smaller carbon footprint, and then you install a car starter. If you leave the climate control on, with temp set to say 75 F, and start your vehicle (be it by remote starter or key) the engine will turn over. Heat is generated by the engine, and the hot coolant is sent to the heater core box so as to blow heat into the passenger compartment. The same occurs in the summer, the climate control is set to cool the passenger compartment. The AC compressor is electric, so the hybrid batteries are
  11. Some Photos of the Good Year's before they come off... You will notice the now smooth even wear. Absolutely no cupping, uneven tread wear of any kind. I also shined them up one last time with McGuire tire dressing lol...
  12. A Big oversight of this optional keyless system, is the automatic trunk opening and closing. Something that we can now perform with our key fob.
  13. Welcome Arjuna... Not sure really what you are asking. If you are implying whether or not the cost of higher octane fuel offsets the cost of the fuel for greater fuel mileage, this isn't the case. I have found to achieve greater fuel mileage using regular grade octane. The only time I have found the higher octane to be of any benefit, is during the few weeks in the year where it gets super hot and muggy. On those occasions, I have found the higher octane to alleviate traces of pre-ignition (otherwise known as "pinging") while driving up moderate inclinations typically found on long stretch
  14. With your happy disposition, I see you have invited many to respond to your request for help... ENJOY!!!!
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