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  1. Your car looks good! I put GS400 wheels on mine, it changes the whole look of the car.
  2. Does anybody know how to or have instructions on how to set the timing on a 1992 ES300 (3VZ-FE)??
  3. No, you won't need spacers because its not that wide of a rim, the stock wheels are 15X6 and these are 17X7 as for the bolt pattern it should match up no problem! Its gonna looks sweet
  4. Your right Sk, when I got my car I was wondering what that beeping sound was too and it did turn out to be the sunroof being open in the tilt position.
  5. I'm not sure if this can be done, but on a 92 ES is there a way to re-wire the daytime running lights so that only the side markers and fog lights work??? Any input is appreciated (just pondering
  6. Your ES looks really nice!!! Did you buy the bra for it recently, if so how much was it?
  7. The changer in my 92 ES died about a year ago so i just changed the head unit and installed a mp3 player.
  8. You can just buy a FM modulated one. Its cheaper and it will probably last longer, most of the factory ones stop working after sometime.
  9. I got a driverside sun visor off a IS300 that had Homelink and swapped the connectors off my old one onto the new one and installed into my 92 ES.
  10. My driverside headlight had moisture in it so on friday i clear cornered both of my headlights and resealed them with silicon, the passenger side is fine, but the moisture came back on the driverside!!!! Does anybody have any suggestions as to were the moisture is getting in from????
  11. The LS430 wheels may fit because its a 17X7.5 wheel (which means the wheel is 7.5 inches wide) but the GS430 rim is a 17X8.0 wheel you can usea 1/4 inch spacer in the rear to make the GS rim fit (thats what i did), personally i think the LS rim might be better because with the spacer you may get vibration in the rear at certain speeds.
  12. The rear suspension noise can be from your rear swaybar bushings.
  13. I'm 20 Cars: 1993 Toyota Corolla.
  14. I think that its easier and faster to buy a new set of wheels locks then buying just the key. The key usually is not in stock but the new set of wheels locks are. imo.
  15. That looks really good! I was just wondering, when you took apart the headlight assy. to clear the corners and paint it did you use a heat gun or the oven? and when putting them back together did you use any type of silicon or anything to reseal it?? Thanks.
  16. On my 92 I put the 97-01 es300 wiper blades and refills because the refills are made from a much better soft material and its a smooth clean. I found that the original refills don't clean that well but what i did was i took 2 of the LS400 driver side refills and cut them to size they work very well becuase they have a graphite coating on them.
  17. Hey jules92 I'd like to see some side shots of your car.
  18. Not too sure about the 2005 IS but rumor has it that the next gen. IS series is supposed to look something along the lines of this:
  19. I don't think that you can just buy the cover separately because the taillight comes as one unit and it is not intended to be seperated.
  20. I've had mine for about a year and a half and so far no problems (knock on wood!)
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