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  1. ok- just called auto zone for the hell of it, and they're telling me, since the dealer said series 1 , bank1, i need an oxygen sensor, not a mass air flow sensor. He said to get this one Sensor i'm not that handy, how hard would it be to replace myself? I'm off to so more searching on this.
  2. g Clean the sensor. I performed a search on how to clean the sensor and nothing came up. I found something using google- link but this is for the mass air flow sensor. The dealer said the car had two air flow sensor and never mentioned the Mass air flow sensor- that would be on top of the engine? I thought the air flow sensor he was talking about is underneath the car, one in front of the cat and one after the cat. thanks for your help
  3. Hi- My check engine went on the other day- took it to the dealer... they said series one, bank one air flow sensor is lazy and will get worse soon. they want $490 + tax for the sensor and labor. I started to get a little rough idle last night. I called Toyota, once they found out i had a lexus,they transferred me to "their own lexus dept"- i left a message and nver heard back from them. the car has 115 k miles, always dealer maintened, and current on all services. I was expecting this service to be about 300 including tax... what do you guys/gal think? thank you very much, g
  4. Do es350 rims fit on a '98 es300? what size tires do you recommend? this es300 is in Florida-where everything is flat. i would like a comfy ride, but don't know what size or tires to put on these rims if i pick them up. thanks! g
  5. My dad took his rx300 in to replace a mirror, and also get the updated nav dvd. I just talked to him and said that they just gave the truck back and that they updated his nav, but they didn't give him the dvd. How can I verify they actually did the update? Is there a version number I can check? thanks! G
  6. i that that was a decent price for that, surprised me actually-damn stealerships.- but he didin't mention the water pump, I know i should change out at the same time. Anything else has to be changed while they do this job? My car has never had a tune up- basically because i've heard the nightmare that last plug is. I think now is the time. What do you guys think?
  7. no news on the struts- it's really a tough call. I support some offices in orlando, apopka,and zellwood now. yeah- that would be kewl.
  8. hey Doug, yeah i just moved down here to Cocoa! No more winters! My under carraige is just shot with rust- I exagerate, but it looks nasty. These strut problems are killing me. especially since I can't trust any shop down here. I'll give you an example- my dad took his rx300 purchased at Lexus of melbourne for a tire rotation and oil change. It took them all day- but we had a loaner , so no big deal. The next day we pick it up and thet paperwork said conventional oil change(they told me they only use synthetic on all oil changes there, but since it was free they used convential?) and the
  9. Hello, Can you just replace the strut cartridges instead of buying the whole assembly? I went to 3 places here in Florida - Midas wants 800 to install and replace 4 struts and includes wheel alignment. A second no name garage wanted 1100 for the same thing. Lexus of Melbourne wanted about 1800. for the same thing. what are your thoughts? i'm not interested in lowering the ride, I just want it back to factory specs. thanks!
  10. people that say that tend to forget which car their gf's/wives prefer to a get a ride in.
  11. very nice- what products did you use? and did you rub the product in circles or straight lines? does it matter? did you just use a cotton rag?
  12. in the hole it's supposed to fit in ? the valve cover? I installed a new one yesterday with no issue.
  13. I would tune it up , the plugs are sometimes a headache. My es has about 78k miles and i'm thinking about replacing the struts and shocks also- i'll look into struts the timing belt has been addressed and you will find them once you do a search. i'll do mine at 85-90k to be on the safe side.
  14. yeah- I would order them from that web site- but i heard it was tricky replacing them. I would stick to OEM, although CF looks kewl
  15. Any one have any experience replacing theirs? Mine are shot from the sun.
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