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  1. I still firmly believe there is a huge market out there for cars with great fuel economy that also are filled with all the luxury gadgets, finishes, quality that Lexus is known for. We've all been hypnotized by the marketing of auto makers that that allow them to put ALL gains into more power rather than more efficiency. Obviously, a "Lexus Prius" wouldn't be for everybody -- but if they can pull it off (meaning making it feel like something more than an Prius with a Lexus badge), it will be a huge success. And it would be an excellent platform by which to roll out Li-ion batteries.
  2. So, I've been reading about rumors that Lexus is coming out with its own version of the Prius, thereby giving it a Hybrid that emphases economy more than pure performance. I'm sure the racerboys will have lots of angry things to say about this, but I personally love the idea. I currently have a GSh which averages 25 mpg and supposedly goes from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. I'd love to see what the Lexus engineers can do with a Prius (with Lithium-ion batteries) in terms of the performance-economy equation. Would love having a Lexus that gets 35 mpg (and maybe only goes 0-60 in 7.5 seconds....) Just thought I'd try triggering a discussion to see if anyone has heard any more about this other than what is here
  3. I've done my due diligence and searched for the solution to this. Unfortunately, either those that are posted don't work for my car, or I'm a moron and doing something obviously incorrect. (And I looked in the owner's manual, and followed the same directions listed there). I have a 2007 GS450h that I recently took to a Jiffy Lube (I know, I know...) for an oil change. The wizards there, obviously, couldn't figure out how to clear the OIL MAINT REQD message. Here's what I've done: Using the DISP button on my steering wheel, I rotated through the display options: Average MPG, current MPG bar graph, Range, Average Speed, Hybrid mode, and the "blank" screen (which is never blank but shows the OIL MAINT REQD message). Assuming the latter screen is where I'm supposed to be, I then: Started the car in the ACC mode (two pushes of the start button with the foot off the break while holding down the Reset button (in the drop-down panel) for many, many seconds. Nothing. Did the same for the ODO button. Nothing. Then tried it by holding down both the Reset and the ODO. Still nothing. Can someone figure out what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  4. I currently have a BMW 330xi, the lease for which will be up about a year from now. I've read rumors that the Lexus IS is scheduled for a complete redesign in the near future, but information about this is pretty sketchy (and my attempts to search the forums here didn't come up with much). My main question: will a redesigned IS be out by the summer of 2005? Thanks!
  5. This is probably the wrong place to post this message (since you are all probably happy IS300 owners), but I've been car shopping, looking at all the usual suspects (BMW, Infiniti, MB, Lexus, Audi...) as I prepare to get rid of my Lexus RX300 for something a bit more sporty... I've loved having a Lexus for all the obvious reasons....but I'm struggling with the Lexus sedan choices. The ES looks too much like a Camry and the GS is up for redesign in 2004. I like everything about the IS except...the tacky (in my opinion) Chronograph-style gauges. The dash looks quite plasticy to me. Is there any chance Lexus might redesign the dash of the IS? (The car mags certainly haven't been fond of the dash design...)