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  1. the itrip sucks......i had it for a week, you turn up the volume and you hear static and the music is distorted.....i'm using a tape right now and quality is awesome, nothing is wrong with tape.
  2. man...........i feel bad.......all city driving no heavy footing it crusing around 50 and below , full tank gets me about 240-260......i have a 97 es, spark plugs and air filter changed when i got water pump and timing belt replace and redone about 2 months ago
  3. it's to control how loud the beep is if you have a factory alarm
  4. just buy an ipod......and hook it up to your more cd's and you can hide the ipod when you leave the car instead of having that display right in a lot of attention to thieves
  5. well i was driving my friend around and i always have them have their seat belts on but i usually don't pack a full car, well we went to go eat and one of my friends who was in the middle asked where the seat belt is i told him it's in the middle ti's not a lap one it's a shoulder belt he goes i know but where does it connect too and i looked back there and i don't see it i only see the one for the rear left passenger anywayz is it easy to remove the backseat?
  6. if you want good leather cleaner go with anything from meguiar's thank god my sister works with the company so i get this stuff cheap but it works so good
  7. when i turn on my headlights the side turn signals suppose to turn on but they don't....the only time they turn in is when i hit the L/R turn switch.... on the headlight switch when you turn it once the side lights are suppose to be on but they aren't....haha kinda confusing but i hope someone gets me and helps me i'm thinking it's a relay....i hear the clicking somewhere near the change thing and i already checked all the fuses
  8. haha yea i know i have someone who's been working and teaching cars for about 18 years old as i am so he knows what he's doing i just need the list of what to buy that's it
  9. Hey i'm planning on bring my car into a friend's shop to do a timing belt change and he said bring all the supplies and he's gonna do it i know i need a new timing belt and water pump what else do i need to complete the job?
  10. i'm planning on getting a pair of Infinity Kappa 63.5i for the fronts but the rms is rated at 75 rms.....i know for sure that the stock amp will not be able to pull it but will it still sound ok or should i just go with something else?
  11. if your planning on replacing just the speaker i think you need to custom mount them cause the factory casting thing is a bit big so buying another speaker won't directly fit into the factory molding.....this is what i heard from my friend so i'm not sure
  12. i believe front are 6.5 inch and rear door panels are.....5.25?
  13. i got a full set (rear and fronts) for 80 bucks i dont' know brake companys but yea is PBR good?
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