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  1. we'll see what happens. thanks :) i feel so retarded with that looks so lame.really, it does.
  2. ok i'll do this once the rain let's up today ;) maybe if i get it fixed i can put the regular ones back on......i just dont get how they got out of whack....*Shrug* Hardy Boys mystery!
  3. at first i had bosch 21" and 19". those are the ones that sat funky. then i got 20" and 16" anco.
  4. i never messed with the switch though, that's the thing. I never changed it from winter to summer or summer to winter. So it should still be sliding under the hood, it did until i replaced the wipers. I know the switch you're talking about though. Can i still align it that back even if i didn't change the setting?
  5. i know i've been gone for some time, but i just met a guy out this way with a 96 coach edition es300. he was helping me find the correct wiperblades for my 92. i was just wondering if any of yall had noticed an issue with your wipers not fitting correctly. mine are 21" and 19" but they don't fit right. The passenger wiper rests on the lip and the driver side wipes all the way off the edge of the windshield (just the blade, not the whole arm). for this reason, it wore out my wipers EXTREMELY fast. We went to look at the guy's blades, and they were doing the exact same thing..just wonderin
  6. for me, the light came on and it's a brake light (big one on the top right) <-92 es... and the light is on as soon as i turn on my car until i turn it off. that light never goes off (just like that darn check engine light). what i did to figure out which light is turn my car on, and pile a bunch of textbooks onto the brake, found out which light it was (i was alone so i had no choice..if you can, get a friend to tell you ;) )
  7. *hugs* when thens go wrong, they REALLY go wrong. at some point though, all will be well and your ES will be cruising again ;)
  8. i cant remember what all was done to the car...i know we checked that tube which is normally cracked and it was getting a little better gas milage so who knows what's going on. i've been thinking it's the transmission since the newest problem of dropping rpm's. it's getting checked monday, mechanic didn't have time friday. as for codes, i haven't read it yet, but i assume it's another O2 sensor code. which means we start all over again., becuase that was the first thing to go wrong. im just kind of hoping it's the transmission so i can say "w00t! Let's just get a new car!" i mean, a t
  9. ok so about 2 months ago i got my car's acceleration freeze fixed! my car had begun to stall out when i would try to start it and i so i took it back to my mechanic (they got a new guy there who has worked on lexus for a LONG TIME) anyways, they decided to change a timing switch (ill think of the name later) which only cost me $127 (amazingly cheap part for the ~ $1000 on other parts that didn't help). the car was fixed! it accelerated PUUURRRFECTLY! until a week later ;) it went back to it's daily freeze of gears, but i dont even mind that anymore. it stalled when coming to a light the ot
  10. that's AWESOME how it worked out for ya SW03ES. what made you decide to do it yourself?i mean, more along the lines of how'd you come to the conclusion that you'd do it on your own rather than the shop? minus the whole money saving thing :P so that guy didn't do too much paint damage????like, seriously ripping off chunks of it? i visualized this huge section missing on your car ;) what got rid of his paint on it???(i thought it had paint from him)... is that what the DACP got rid of? and how does this pen work? i bought primer and the paint and the clear coat....general waiting time? a
  11. how many did they make? so that one we saw on ebay is it?? but wasnt there something about the tail-lights??didn't they match a different year.. i guess because it was a anniversary edition, they added some of the ideas for the 95-96 onto it? to test it out with possible buyers?
  12. at i got a trade in value of $3,400......i said average on the car, i mean.....i dunno whats wrong with the car, so i can't gauge what to call it. for private party sale i got $4,775...*sigh* stupid car.
  13. i have to talk to the parents about that job.........i just feel bad that i dont know a darn thing about cars...i don't know how much i will get paid though, but thats ok, i don't really need money. and i don't know if he still wants to hire me. as for the dealership idea, there are a ton around, so that would be a GREAT job! not to mention i wouldn't have to fix anything you know......i would be around the selling and the service area, but just watching. and alot of the dealerships are on the way to school so it wouldn't be too far. it's just i don't have the hours because of classes. i
  14. i went shopping for the mounting kit or just something to stick in the exposed bumper holes...i was told i had to buy a whole new mounting kit from the dealer, or buy some sort of anchoring kit at a hardware store... have yall seen the washer lights some cars have now? well, i found some for the back license plate, they are screws but the heads have lights on them. i figured i could try and hook them up in the front of the bumper instead of plugging up the holes... i just need some guidence on the electrical part.. the instructions say to attach it to the 12v electrical something by the lic
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